Wonder Woman – Volume 5 – 11

Wonder Woman – Volume 5 – 11

General Info

Issue No:
11 (677)
On Sale Date:
November 2016
Cover Date:
January 2017
Story Title:
The Lies - Conclusion

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Liam Sharp, Laura Martin
Jenny Frison (variant)
Greg Rucka
Liam Sharp
Liam Sharp
Jodi Wynne
Laura Martin
Dave Wielgosz (Associate), Chris Conroy, Mark Doyle


Wonder Woman (Princess Diana), Lieutenant Etta Candy, Steve Trevor
Veronica Cale
Sasha Bordeaux
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This issue sees the end of the first story arc, “The Lies”.


Etta briefs Sasha on Steve and Diana’s trip to the island and advises that they have not heard anything back from them yet. Sasha says that if they have found the portal to Themyscira then that might explain why they have disappeared and then tells Etta that in the meantime she is going to take the sealed box containing the remnants of Urzkartaga to the containment facility.

Sasha gets into her car and reports back to Cale but known to her Etta is watching her movements from her own car and follows her.

Meanwhile on Themyscira a feast is underway as the Amazons celebrate the return of their princess. Diana tells her mother she is pleased to see her as she thought she was dead? Hippolyta asks her what on earth she means and Diana adds that she had seen the Amazon Queen turned to clay? She goes on to explain about Zola, Zeke, Derinoe and Donna but Hippolyta seems not to now what she is referring to.

Steve decides to take a moment to leave the table and wanders the strange surroundings looking for Castalia. His way is blocked by an Amazon and he asks if she knows where the priestess is, but is told that there is no such person and that he should watch where he is walking.

Just then Diana catches up to him and asks what the matter is. He says that there is something very wrong here as nobody has heard of either Castalia or Philippus and the buildings have a completely different architecture to the way he remembered things were when he first crashed here. Diana suggests he did not get time to see all of the island. Suddenly she grabs her wrist in pain and sees blood seeping from a wound that has just appeared. She asks Steve to follow her…

Meanwhile Sasha arrives at her secret rendezvous with Cale to hand over Urzkartaga but as Cale takes possession Etta steps out of the shadows gun drawn. Cale orders Sasha to attack her but as Etta opens fire she sees Sasha is a robot. Cale sighs and instead unleashes the two dogs she has with her on Etta…

Back on Themyscira Diana leads Steve to where the tree she remembered from her youth should be standing. But there is nothing there. The pain in her arm get worse and Steve helps her remove her bracelets which reveals a snake bite.

As she tells him of the day she had been out riding and had come across a strange looking tree there is a blinding flash and she slumps to the ground in horror, as she finally realises that this is not her home and never was….