This one-shot acts a transition and bridge between the end of the Finch run and the first issue of Greg Rucka’s run in Wonder Woman (volume five) issue 1, which would be published every two weeks with an two alternating story arcs. The first, called “The Lies” would recount Diana’s continuing quest to discover why she has been lied too about what she had believed had been facts about her life and her past – and what the truth really is.  The second arc – “Year One” – would recount how she had first met Steve Trevor after he crashes on the Amazon home land and travelled from Themyscira to return him back to Man’s World to become the heroine known to the world as Wonder Woman.

This issue also sees the introduction of her new costume – which is based on the movie version worn by Gal Gadot. In fact costume changes were implemented for most of the characters in the DC comic book universe as part of Rebirth, to better align them with the movie properties that were either being released; or were in development by Warner Brothers/DC Entertainment at the time. Clearly, the company believed that marketing would be more focused, effective and above all more profitable if both the comics and movies were more closely tied together and that they would each hopefully drive cross-pollination of sales/tickets.

However, with the increasingly successful and growing stable of TV properties DC was also developing, with shows like Flash, Arrow, Supergirl and DC Legends – they decided to keep the TV universe separate from the movie-verse.