Wonder Woman ’77 Special – 4

Wonder Woman ’77 Special – 4

General Info

Issue No:
On Sale Date:
September 2016
Cover Date:
November 2016
Non Canon
Story Title:
The Revenge of Gault's Brain
Worlds Collide
The Man Behind the Curtain
Seeing Stars

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Cat Staggs, Annette Kwok
Marc Andreyko (First Story)
Amy Chu (Second Story)
Trina Robbins (Third Story)
Amanda Deibert (Fourth Story)
Tom Derenick (First Story)
Dario Brizuela (Second Story)
Tess Fowler (Third Story)
Christian Duce (Fourth Story)
Tom Derenick (First Story)
Dario Brizuela (Second Story)
Tess Fowler (Third Story)
Christian Duce (Fourth Story)
Wes Abbott
Carrie Strachan (First Story)
Jen Manley Lee (Second and Third Story)
Wendy Broome (Fourth Story)
Jessica Chen, Jim Chadwick


Wonder Woman (Diana Prince), Steve Trevor
Harlow Gault, Turk
Doralee Bernly
Antonin Crepescu
High Chancellor, General Gatria
Joe Atkinson, Beverly, Clyde, LeRoi, Malcolm, Danny Blue, Ambassasdor Kirkwood, Mari Crepescu, Agent Nadezda Vakulenko, Yuri, George
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Synopsis for "The Revenge of Gault's Brain"

Months after his defeat by Wonder Woman, Harlow Gault resurfaces, deadlier than ever. His disembodied brain now possesses much stronger telekinesis, as well as the ability to overpower weaker minds and erase memories. With these abilities, Gault robs several technology firms and uses the spoils to build himself a robotic exoskeleton.

The “reborn” Gault is soon discovered by the IADC and Wonder Woman, who corner him in a warehouse and smash his exoskeleton. Now desperate for a host, the malevolent brain latches itself onto Steve’s body, much to Wonder Woman’s horror. The Amazon Princess pleads for Gault to release Steve, offering herself as a replacement host. Gault jumps at the idea of controlling a superhuman body, and attaches himself to Wonder Woman, but quickly finds his new host too strong to dominate.

After a fierce contest of wills, Wonder Woman overcomes Gault’s control, knocking the malevolent brain unconscious. Gault is then sent to an institution alongside Wonder Woman’s other super-powered foes – where he begins plotting his revenge in earnest.

Synopsis for "Worlds Collide"

Diana and Steve participate in a sting for Doralee Bradley, a secretary trying to deliver a tape full of military intelligence to Soviet agents. Moments before the exchange, however, Doralee collides with celebrity funk singer LeRoi, and confuses her tape with a tape of his music. Diana and Steve then arrest Doralee and her Soviet contacts, but are forced to release them when the intelligence tape cannot be found.

The IADC agents try to contact LeRoy, but too late: LeRoy, along with the intelligence tape, have already been abducted by the Soviets. A determined Wonder Woman gives chase and, with help from a group of friendly truckers, destroys the Soviets’ getaway car. Doralee and her fellow spies are quickly apprehended, and the tape recovered – just in time for LeRoy to return to his band and begin their scheduled White House concert.

Synopsis for "The Man Behind the Curtain"

Diana Prince accompanies a diplomatic mission to Chovania, one of Eastern Europe’s few democracies (and thus a vital NATO ally). The center piece of the mission is to be the Chovanian Youth Festival, headlined by British rock-star Danny Blue. Diana encounters Blue at her assigned hotel, only to see him abducted by soldiers from nearby Bulgovia, an Eastern Bloc dictatorship.

Wonder Woman rescues Blue from captivity, but their escape is soon cut off by Antonin Crepescu, Bulgovia’s President-For-Life. To their surprise, Crepescu orders his soldiers to stand down, and explains that he had abducted Blue to entertain his terminally ill daughter Mari. After Blue and Wonder Woman comfort the dying girl, they are returned to Chovania without further incident.

The Chovanian Youth Festival proves a rousing success, especially with Wonder Woman performing as Blue’s special guest.

Synopsis for "Seeing Stars"

A Soviet space station is invaded by an extraterrestrial, who kidnaps its cosmonauts and frames the United States for the attack. Determined to avoid confrontation and possible nuclear war, the IADC and NASA send Diana Prince to the Soviet Union to investigate, alongside Soviet double-agent Nadezda Vakulenko.

Shortly after the two agents infiltrate the Soviets’ mission control, the extraterrestrial strikes again, setting a hangar on fire while leaving behind an American flag pin. After extinguishing the fire (as Wonder Woman), Diana investigates a suspicious set of footprints with Agent Vakulenko. The footprints lead the two women to the extraterrestrial, who flees in an advanced starship.

Wonder Woman returns to the United States, where she learns that two American astronauts have also been abducted. With help from NASA, she finds the extraterrestrial’s starship hidden in a nearby nature preserve. Once inside the ship, Wonder Woman frees the kidnapped spacemen, and learns their kidnapper’s mission: on orders from the anti-human Intergalactic Alliance, the extraterrestrial – a General named Gatria – is to destroy all of Earth’s space programs and hopefully trigger nuclear war.

Upon detecting Wonder Woman, Gatria steers her ship into space, hoping the hostile conditions will weaken her foe. In response, Wonder Woman uses her transforming spin to summon a spacesuit, and quickly subdues Gatria. With help from the freed spacemen, Wonder Woman steers the ship back to Earth, where Gatria is taken into military custody.

NASA tries to take the Soviet cosmonauts into custody as well, but are defied by Wonder Woman, who volunteers to escort them home in the name of international friendship.


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