Wonder Woman ’77 Special – 3

Wonder Woman ’77 Special – 3

General Info

Issue No:
On Sale Date:
April 2016
Cover Date:
May 2016
Non Canon
Story Title:
Orion the Hunter
Reverend Mike Loves You
Oceans '77

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Nicola Scott, Annette Kwok
Marc Andreyko (First Story)
Christos Gage, Ruth Fletcher (Second Story)
Trina Robbins (Third Story)
Amanda Deibert (Fourth Story)
Richard Ortiz (First Story)
Dario Brizuela (Second Story)
Cat Staggs (Third Story)
Staz Johnson (Fourth Story)
Christian Duce (First Story)
Dario Brizuela, Andres Ponce (Second Story)
Cat Staggs (Third Story)
Wayne Faucher (Fourth Story)
Wes Abbott
Romulo Fajardo, Jr.(First Story)
Kelly Fitzpatrick (Second and Fourth Story)
Laura Martin (Third Story)
Jessica Chen, Jim Chadwick


Wonder Woman (Diana Prince/Stephanie Bunn), Steve Trevor/Matthew Bunn
Wonder Girl (Druscilla)
Clayface (Basil Karlo), Cheetah (Barbara Minerva)
Orion the Hunter (Arthur Okadigbo)
Reverend Mike Brown
Ambassador Len Posner, Captain Edgar, Charybdis
Curator Dutton, Grace Mbesi, Barbara Hammond, Congressman Walter O'Brian, Irene
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Synopsis for "Claymates"

While Wonder Woman prepares to fly a collection of Amazon artefacts back to Paradise Island, Clayface finds his body deteriorating from unknown causes. On advice from the Cheetah, Clayface stows away on Wonder Woman’s invisible plane. As the plane lands, Wonder Woman discovers Clayface, but too late – the super villain is able to reach Paradise Island, and absorb the enchanted clay on its beaches.

The enchanted clay multiplies Clayface’s power, allowing him to fend off not just Wonder Woman but an entire company of Amazon warriors. The overconfident Clayface transforms into a colossus and swallows Wonder Woman whole, but this inadvertently gives his foe the upper hand: since Wonder Woman was born from the same enchanted clay, Clayface is now technically part of her body.

By concentrating, Wonder Woman takes control of Clayface and forces him to fly into a nearby volcano, then the ocean. The cooling magma hardens Clayface into an immobile lump of stone, which is promptly shipped back into Man’s World and incarceration.

Synopsis for "Orion the Hunter"

Wonder Woman foils a gang of ivory smugglers, but is warned by Steve that the gang’s overseas masterminds stand outside American jurisdiction. Unwilling to accept this, Wonder Woman travels to Africa to deliver a series of anti-poaching speeches, and collaborates with ISF agent Grace Mbesi to shut down the smuggling ring.

According to Grace, Africa’s ivory smugglers have been consolidated under a single leader, who styles himself Orion the Hunter. She and Wonder Woman visit the estate of millionaire philanthropist Arthur Okadigbo for clues, only be held at gunpoint by Okadigbo’s security forces; Okadigbo, in reality, is Orion.

Before Okadigbo’s men can fire, Wonder Woman uses her Animal Empathy to summon a herd of nearby elephants, who violently attack the estate. In the confusion, Wonder Woman and Grace destroy all of Okadigbo’s weaponry and subdue his men. Though the entire gang is arrested, both women admit the world still has no shortage of elephant poachers; before leaving, Wonder Woman delivers one final speech, urging all viewers to support the international ivory ban.

Synopsis for "Reverend Mike Loves You"

Congressman Walter O’Brian, Diana Prince, and two aides are sent to investigate the Church of Mankind, a South American religious commune that several hundred have renounced their citizenship to join. Both the Church’s members and its head Reverend Mike Brown insist that no-one had been coerced to join, but Diana’s party remains unconvinced. In truth, the Church’s members are under mind-control; Reverend Mike, along with the rest of the Church’s staff, are extraterrestrials who intend to conquer the Earth and eat its inhabitants.

To allay the American government’s suspicions, the Reverend tries to abduct and indoctrinate O’Brian, but is foiled by Wonder Woman, who throws him to his death after a lengthy battle. The Reverend’s death breaks the mind-control, restoring the Church’s members to normal. Wonder Woman then apprehends the Reverend’s underlings, while one of O’Brian’s aides confesses her love for him.

Synopsis for "Oceans '77"

After negotiating a treaty to cede control of the Panama Canal to Panama, Ambassador Len Posner finds himself targeted by an assassin. Undaunted, the Ambassador insists on holding an international yacht race to commemorate the treaty; in response, the IADC sends Diana Prince and Steve Trevor – disguised as a married couple – to provide extra security and investigate the assassin.

On Posner’s yacht, Diana finds and thwarts the assassin, but both of them – along with Steve – are suddenly held at gunpoint by Posner. After binding the three, Posner reveals himself to be no mere diplomat, but a man who commands the Charybdis of myth – a sea monster that can generate whirlpools at will. The race had only been an excuse for Posner demonstrate his power to the world by killing the dignitaries of a dozen different nations in one swoop; his would-be assassin had been trying to prevent this.

The IADC agents make peace with the assassin, and Diana quietly undoes all of their bonds. Shortly after, Steve stages a fight with the assassin. Diana uses this distraction to change into Wonder Woman, subdues their captors, and then dives into the sea to confront Charybdis. Despite Charybdis’ power, Wonder Woman is able to control it through her lasso, and steer it away from the dignitaries’ yachts.

Posner and his associates are all arrested, while the treaty is signed on-schedule. To congratulate their success, the IADC allow Diana and Steve a private pleasure cruise.


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