DC Bombshells – 9

DC Bombshells – 9

General Info

Issue No:
On Sale Date:
February 2016
Cover Date:
March 2016
Non Canon
Story Title:
Allies - Part 3

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Ant Lucia
Marguerite Bennett
Mirka Andolfo, Laura Braga
Mirka Andolfo, Laura Braga
Wes Abbott
Nanjan Jamberi
Jim Chadwick, Jessica Chen (assistant)


Aquawoman (Mera), Stargirl (Kortni Duginovna), Supergirl (Kara Starikov), Wonder Woman (Princess Diana)
Edward Nygma, Baroness Paula von Gunther, Tenebrae, Nereus
Steve Trevor, Gren, Lund, Captain Shin, Samuel Whitmore
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Series features an alternate take on DC’s main heroines. It was initially published as a weekly digital title and then the monthly print version was published afterwards.


Supergirl and Aquawoman face up to a Kraken-like creature under the waters of Thames. They “hear” a telepathic “voice” coming from the monster and Mera realises it’s being controlled by Nereus, her ex-fiance, brother-in-law and King of Atlantis. Nereus is sick of humans polluting his kingdom and butchering his creatures and has allied himself with the King Beneath the Black and his army of Tenebrae. He’ll let Mera come back home if she joins them.

Somewhere else, Samuel Whitmore is showing his daughter Kortni around his weapons’ factory. Stargirl’s Cosmic Staff suddenly glows, warning that Kara is in danger. Kortni wants to go, but Samuel is so afraid of losing his daughter again he lets his aid Nygma chloroform her. Samuel scoops up his sleeping daughter and carries her to her bedroom, vowing he will keep her safe.

Supergirl and Aquawoman battle the Tenebrae and Nereus’ water monster. Mera manages to stab it with her trident, and the giant octopus bursts into light.

Kortni awakens, sees she is locked and her staff missing and despair. Without the Cosmic Staff she is a normal girl, but she can’t stand still when Kara is in danger. Kara left her happy life for her. Kortni wanted adventures and glories, but Kara only wanted to stay with her sister.

Kortni breaks a window and clambers out of her bedroom.

On Greece, Wonder Woman engages Von Gunther, who is surprisingly physically powerful. The Baroness claims her bargain with Tenebrus protects those living within her territory. She invites Wonder Woman to yield, but Diana fights on.

Von Gunther reveals that the Tenebrae are ghosts created or claimed by the King Beneath the Black, and loved by Tenebrus, their keeper. Tenebrus intends to give its “children” real, human bodies and a new home: the surface world.

After Mera slays Nereus’ avatar, Supergirl blasts another group of Tenebrae and flies Mera out of the water and on board a warship. But because she has killed a Titan of the Tenebrae, Mera has lost part of her powers.

Meanwhile, Kortni tries to leave the Whitmore’s mansion and is stopped by Nygma. Nygma has seized the Cosmic Staff and confesses he is responsible for laying mines in the Thames. He also wants to dissect Kara and discover the source of her power.

When he tries to use the Cosmic Staff against Kortni he finds out that Ipati built a fail safe system in it so only Kortni could use it. Stargirl beats up and humiliates Nygma and heads off to reunite with her sister.