DC Bombshells – 12

DC Bombshells – 12

General Info

Issue No:
On Sale Date:
May 2016
Cover Date:
July 2016
Non Canon
Story Title:
The Battle of Britain - Part 2

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Ant Lucia
Marguerite Bennett
Laura Braga, Mirka Andolfo
Laura Braga, Mirka Andolfo
Wes Abbott
Wendy Broome
Jim Chadwick, Jessica Chen (assistant)


Wonder Woman (Princess Diana), Stargirl (Kortni Duginovna), Batwoman (Katherine Kane), Aquawoman (Mera), Supergirl (Kara Starikov), Big Barda, Doctor Light (Kimiyo Hoshi), Amanda Waller
Baroness Paula von Gunther, Edward Nygma, Tenebrae, Brother Night (Edel Nacht), Nereus
Steve Trevor, Varvara Dugina, Aruna, Becky, Chabby, Nora, Captain Shin, Hathaway, Jhaveri, Norris
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Series features an alternate take on DC’s main heroines. It was initially published as a weekly digital title and then the monthly print version was published afterwards.


The alliance of villains prepares to conquer London and discusses the matter of spoils of war: Paula Von Gunther will be given Paradise Island, Edward Nygma will be given any “specimens” he desires -to which Nygma replies he wants the Supergirl – and Nereus will take revenge on humankind and will seize new lands.

The Bombshells choose that moment to launch a counterattack. Supergirl declares they haven’t fallen to their clutches, they aren’t their toys and they won’t lose.

Mera battles fiercely the Nereus-controlled Kraken. Mera draws him out of the water, stabs him with her trident and blasts him with a lightning bolt. She manages to kill the monster but at the cost of losing her remaining power.

The Bombshells fall back and reassess their situation. Nereus’ sea monsters are retreating, but Mera has been captured. And Edel Nacht, one of the first Nazi officers recruited by Tenebrus, has transformed into a giant Tenebrae. Calling himself the Titan, he’s larger and taller than a bulding. Standing in the ocean, he brings his feet below and kicks up a massive wave. Supergirl isn’t intimidated, though. She streaks forward and with a furious shout reverses the waves.

The Bombshells mass-attack Titan, but they cannot appear to damage him. Dr. Light manages to slice his left arm off, but it regenerates. Titan begins his rampage through London, declaring he’ll slaughter all and they’ll become new Tenebrae.

The Bombshells face a terrible fact: one of them will have to sacrifice herself to stop Titan. Supergirl volunteers. She cannot let someone else sacrifice herself or die. But Kortni won’t allow it. She knocks Kara down with a blast of her Cosmic Staff, takes off for the humongous Tenebrae and blows herself and Titan up. Frightened, the enemy finally retreats.

Supergirl cries out in pain as Stargirl dies. Diana and Steve lead her away where she can cry and mourn privately and they can try to assuage her hurt. Wonder Woman tells the Amazons they will make a new story for her sister. They’ll name a new constellation after Kortni: “The Little sister”. Kara tells them they must name it “The Heroine”.