DC Bombshells – 10

DC Bombshells – 10

General Info

Issue No:
On Sale Date:
March 2016
Cover Date:
May 2016
Non Canon
Story Title:
Allies - Part 4

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Ant Lucia
Marguerite Bennett
Laura Braga, Marguerite Sauvage
LLaura Braga, Marguerite Sauvage
Wes Abbott
Jeremy Lawson, Nanjan Jamberi
Jim Chadwick, Jessica Chen (assistant)


Wonder Woman (Princess Diana), Catwoman (Selina Digatti), Batwoman (Katherine Kane), Zatanna Zatara
Baroness Paula von Gunther, Brother Night (Edel Nacht), Joker's Daughter, Tenebrae, Tenebrus the Binder
Steve Trevor, Alexander Luthor, Helena, John Constantine
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Series features an alternate take on DC’s main heroines. It was initially published as a weekly digital title and then the monthly print version was published afterwards.


In Greece, the legions of Tenebrae have gotten into the American camp. Diana, Wonder Woman, Steve Trevor and the survivors of the camp -both American and German- are surrounded by an army of Tenebrae led by Paula Von Gunther, who reveals she owns Amazon gauntlets and her horse is some kind of leather-winged, six-legged, horned horror. Diana guides the survivors into a cave. The American soldiers want to throw out or gun down the prisoners of war, though; Wonder Woman urges everyone to go inside and collapses the entrance. Undeterred, Gunther orders her Tenebrae gather up firewood.

Inside the cavern, Diana talks about the horrors of war and people hating and killing each other even when they’re being besieged by undead. Diana challenges them to overwhelm their hatred, find a better way and do better. Everyone submits to Diana. Led by Wonder Woman, the group of soldiers fights back Von Gunther and her Tenebrae. Von Gunther chooses to teleport away instead of surrendering. Wonder Woman and Steve get on Von Gunther’s mount and take off for London.

On Berlin, Zatanna decides to cast a dangerous spell. Her spirit flies out of the cabaret, transformed into a dove. In the meantime, Batwoman has been caught by Brother Night, commander of the Tenebrae. Night thinks Batwoman’s money and connections make her an useful pawn. Batwoman asks why a Nazi commander would want to keep a Jewish lesbian alive, but Night replies he only serves the Tenebrae. Batwoman doesn’t care and she fights him and his un-dead. The families living in the Jewish Ghetto rally behind her. Just then, Catwoman and Huntress leap into the fray. During the skirmish, Night lets it slip that an army of Tenebrae is heading to London. Helped by a Zatanna’s spell, the heroes manage drive Night and his men out of the Ghetto.

Batwoman has to rush back London, but she can’t abandon the Ghetto refugees. Huntress assures that she’ll help them escape Germany and Catwoman will use her connections to ship Batwoman to London as quick as possible.

Zatanna travels back her body, but the Joker’s Daughter has found out about her little escapade and is going to punish her. Then Tenebrus shows up and punishes Zatanna and Constantine himself by taking their magic out.