This issue saw the introduction of a horrendous mess of a costume re-design by David Finch and a new direction for Diana – with the implied emphasis on this being a new, more “bad ass” characterisation of the Amazon. In a particularly cringe-worthy ham-written scene, Diana tells Hephaestus her justification for the costume change:

“Every day is a struggle to do those roles justice while remaining true to myself. This new costume is a symbol of that. It’s a reflection of everything I am now. God, Queen, Warrior for Justice. It’s finally time for me to leave the girl behind and embrace the woman I’ve become.”

So apparently -according to the Finch’s – the Diana we had known all this time had merely been playing lip service to her role as a heroine, approaching it with the naivety of a childish girl….

Some fans, myself included, found this one of the most insulting affronts to this iconic character yet made. It seemed to us that Diana had truly reached one of the lowest points in her long established existence. Could this really mark the moment when the Wonder Woman character as envisaged by her creator, the great William Moulton Marston, was finally wiped from existence and consigned to the history books?

This issue also features a variant cover my master artists Brian Bolland, who had produced some of the finest Wonder Woman covers during the Messner-Loebs era.