This issue caused some debate amongst fans, unhappy once again to see the Amazons depicted as butchers and murderers like they were in the much maligned “Amazons Attack” mini-series.

As the penultimate chapter of the Finch’s first story arc, the finale would follow two months later in a special Wonder Woman Annual #1. This hiatus was in order to accommodate DC’s latest cross over event entitled “Convergence”, in which almost every incarnation and variant of characters from DC’s long publishing history converge into a single story line.

The outcome of Convergence would also have ramifications on many characters in the still young New 52 Universe – and for Diana would result in a brand new costume designed by David Finch himself which would debut in #41.

However, the first reveal of this new costume met with much controversy amongst fans and non fans alike – with many feeling this was DC’s clumsy and misjudged attempt at pandering to political correctness and bringing unnecessary and unwanted “real word” practicality to their books, forgetting that the whole purpose of comic book characters is to represent a fantasy world into which readers can escape to.