This first story arc from the Finch team concludes in this special “Annual” that continues on from the end of  “Wonder Woman” #40. in order to wrap up things before the new, “post convergence” version of Diana made her debut in Issue 41wearing her ghastly new costume – retractable blades and all! But, as often seemed to be the case in the confusing world of DC and continuity, Diana would continue to be depicted in her New 52 outfit in the “Justice League” title for the “Darkseid War” story line – albeit with a skirt and styling that clearly attempted to mirror the Gal Gadot costume from the forthcoming Warner Bros. “Batman vs Superman” movie. What with Diana wearing a completely different costume in the animated Justice League movies being released by Warner’s, the iconic Lynda Carter costume featuring in the “Wonder Woman ’77” special and numerous different costume depictions appearing every issue in “Sensation Comics”, it was quite honestly difficult for any fan – or non fan – to truly determine what was supposed to be her actual canon costume post Flash Point!!

The irony was that by the time we reached this sixth issue of their debut story arc, the husband and wife team had finally begun to show some glimmers that they were finally getting to grips with their respective writing and drawing duties. David was at last depicting Diana as a mature woman, versus a pre-pubescent teenager (and indeed his artwork is particularly good in this issue) while Meredith was finally bringing some substance to both her characterisation and dialogue. The couple were beginning to show indications that they might – just might – bring us a more kind and compassionate version of Wonder Woman – one that was arguably truer to her Post FlashPoint version – unlike the harder edged, more aggressive Diana that Azzarello controversially unleashed on the world with the launch of the New 52.

Alas, these promising signs proved a false dawn because the Finch’s proceeded to introduce a horrendous mess of a costume re-design and new direction the following issue – with the implied emphasis on this being a new, more “bad ass” characterisation of Diana. In a particularly cringe-worthy ham-written scene, Diana tells Hephaestus her justification for the costume change:

“Every day is a struggle to do those roles justice while remaining true to myself. This new costume is a symbol of that. It’s a reflection of everything I am now. God, Queen, Warrior for Justice. It’s finally time for me to leave the girl behind and embrace the woman I’ve become.”

So apparently -according to the Finch’s – the Diana we had known all this time had merely been playing lip service to her role as a heroine, approaching it with the naivety of a childish girl….

Some fans, myself included, found this one of the most insulting affronts to this iconic character yet made. It seemed to us that Diana had truly reached one of the lowest points in her long established existence. Could this really mark the moment when the Wonder Woman character as envisaged by her creator, the great William Moulton Marston, was finally wiped from existence and consigned to the history books?

Incidentally, this Annual also includes a second, back up story that provides the background – and some much needed clarity – to Derinoe’s motivations in creating Donna Troy in the first place.