Wonder Woman ’77 Special – 1

Wonder Woman ’77 Special – 1

General Info

Issue No:
On Sale Date:
May 2015
Cover Date:
July 2015
Non Canon
Story Title:
Disco Inferno
Who is Wonder Woman?

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Nicola Scott, Annette Kwok
Phil Jimenez (variant)
Marc Andreyko
Drew Johnson, Matt Haley, Richard Ortiz (First Story)
Jason Badower, Matt Haley, Richard Ortiz (Second Story)
Drew Johnson, Matt Haley, Richard Ortiz (First Story)
Jason Badower, Matt Haley, Richard Ortiz (Second Story)
Wes Abbott
Romulo Fajardo, Jr., Kyle Ritter, Ulises Arreola, Tony Aviña (First Story)
Romulo Fajardo, Jr (Second Story)
Jessica Chen, Jim Chadwick


Wonder Woman (Diana Prince), Steve Trevor
Soviet Agents, Silver Swan, Doctor Psycho
Doctor Sergei Topovia, Doctor Pochoikov, Reeve
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Perhaps in reaction to the polarised views of the New 52 version of Wonder Woman amongst fans, DC Comics decided to publish a series of specials depicting the adventures of the 1970’s  TV version of Wonder Woman, as played by the iconic Lynda Carter. DC even obtained the permission of both Carter and Lyle Wagner for their likenesses to be portrayed in the comic. The idea behind the specials was to achieve a blend of the nostalgia element, together with the novelty of featuring some of Wonder Woman’s comic book villains as they may have been depicted in the TV show.

While much loved by millions of fans, one frustration with the TV show was always how the rogues gallery Diana faced each week was neither comic book based, nor particularly threatening – ranging from car thieves to petty thugs.

Synopsis for "Disco Inferno"

Various Soviet defectors in the United States – especially experts in the field of nuclear weaponry – are being targeted by kidnappers, necessitating the intervention of the I.A.D.C. and Wonder Woman. After thwarting one such gang of kidnappers as Wonder Woman, Diana Prince learns that there remains one last expert under no American protection whatsoever: Dr. Sergei Topovia, located at the Manhattan nightclub known as Studio 52.

Diana and her fellow agent Steve Trevor infiltrate the nightclub to put Dr. Topovia under surveillance, but are confronted by the Kremlin’s latest agent: a woman known as the Silver Swan. Masquerading as the club’s newest performer, the Silver Swan uses her hypnotic voice to place all the patrons of Studio 52 (save for Diana, who covers her ears in time) in a trance, allowing other agents to abduct Dr. Topovia without any trouble. Diana transforms into Wonder Woman and attempts to stop the kidnapping, but the Swan orders the hypnotized patrons – including Steve – to attack her.

At the last moment, Wonder Woman uses the Lasso of Truth to break the Swan’s control over Steve. Then, while Steve stays behind to fight the other Soviet agents and free the rest of the mob from the hypnosis, Wonder Woman sweeps Dr. Topovia to safety and confronts the Swan. The Swan’s voice proves difficult for the Amazon at first, but Wonder Woman eventually deduces that it is powered by the gem around the Swan’s throat; once she smashes the gem with a well-thrown vinyl record, the Swan is rendered completely harmless.

The Swan and her cohorts are quickly taken into custody, while Wonder Woman surreptitiously changes back into Diana Prince and reunites with Steve. Though the battle with Silver Swan had damaged much of Studio 52, the owner is far more eager about the publicity that Wonder Woman’s appearance will bring, and allow Diana and Steve to stay for a night of dancing, to which they readily agree.

Synopsis for "Who is Wonder Woman?"

One morning, Diana wakes up to find an unfamiliar blonde woman has taken her place as both Wonder Woman and Diana Prince. As the day goes on, Diana encounters an equally unfamiliar Steve Trevor, in addition to two strangers masquerading as her mother and younger sister.

Eventually, Diana is confronted by the ersatz Wonder Woman, who claims Diana to be a mental patient off her medication. Diana, unwilling to doubt her own sanity, attacks her counterpart and eventually uncovers the truth: she has been placed in a hypnotic illusion by her old enemy Doctor Psycho. With her magical lasso, she breaks the illusion and overloads Psycho’s equipment.

A desperate Psycho tries to overwhelm Wonder Woman with visions of her past opponents, but Wonder Woman again uses her lasso to dispel these illusions and capture the mad scientist. Psycho is quickly returned to incarceration, while Wonder Woman goes home and takes a much-needed night off as Diana Prince.