Superman Wonder Woman – 15

Superman Wonder Woman – 15

General Info

Issue No:
On Sale Date:
January 2015
Cover Date:
March 2015
New 52
Story Title:
Dark Testament

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Ken Lashley
Ivan Reis (variant)
Peter J. Tomasi
Doug Mahnke, Ed Benes
Jaime Mendoza, Don Ho, Mark Irwin
Taylor Esposito
Tomeu Morey, Marcelo Maiolo, Pete Pantazis
Eddie Berganza


Wonder Woman (Princess Diana), Superman (Clark Kent/Kal El)
Magog (David Reid), Circe
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Weeks ago, a young boy named David had wanted revenge against Superman and Wonder Woman for leading the Parademons of Apokolips to his neighbourhood, and causing the deaths of his parents and friends. And old homeless woman took him under her wing, fostering his thirst for revenge and promising power. While she couldn’t give him his parents back, she could give him the means to take vengeance. Using the last remaining Fusion stone, the witch Circe recreated him with new power, erasing his mind, but for his soul’s need for revenge. The magic caused him great pain.

With his power, David Reid has become Magog, and he has defeated both Superman and Wonder Woman. He feels at last he has realised his destiny to save the world from Superman and Wonder Woman. They must both die. Climbing to a high cliff in the Palisades, he throws Superman from its heights and into the Hudson River, intending him to drown. When he turns to Wonder Woman, though, he finds she’s recovered, and attempting to wrap her Lasso of Truth around him. As she beats him to the ground, she admits that she had almost asked him just who he really is, but decided that she doesn’t care. He retaliates by blasting her with his staff, and knocks her from the cliff. On her way down, she clings to the rocks, but decides to go into the river after Superman, and come back for Magog later.

After being pulled from the water, Superman recovers, scanning the area for Magog, who can’t have gone far in the meantime. When he finds him, they hurry after him, and Wonder Woman notes that the name “Magog” comes from the bible. Superman confirms it – old testament, fire and brimstone. Diana comments that he is not the biblical figure. His power comes from magic, which is why he was so easily able to hurt Clark. She warns him to give her space to deal with Magog as the God of War, and she will leave him to protecting the innocent.

Intending to teach the heroes what it means to lose, Magog attacks civilians on the George Washington Bridge. As Wonder Woman speeds toward him, she ignores falling cars full of people, and Superman is worried by how much trust she has put in him to handle it without her. He helps the civilians evacuate as Wonder Woman engages with Magog again. Superman attempts to help, but Magog responds by cutting through the suspension cables, requiring him to hold them together so that the remaining innocents can get off the bridge safely. Wonder Woman reminds that trust and faith are key. She trusts him to hold the bridge, and he must have faith in her to take down Magog alone. As the evacuees struggle to find purchase on the shaking bridge, they call out to Superman for help, and the sound reminds Magog of his motivations – how they failed to care enough to save his family.

To prove it, he throws a bystander over the side of the bridge, and Wonder Woman has to abandon her fight to save the woman – but she is too late, as a winged beast has caught her in her stead. These are the creatures of Circe, who has come to hear Magog’s judgement as to which of the two heroes should die first.

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