DC Bombshells – 6

DC Bombshells – 6

General Info

Issue No:
On Sale Date:
December 2015
Cover Date:
February 2016
Non Canon
Story Title:
Combat - Part 3

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Ant Lucia
Marguerite Bennett
Sandy Jarrell, Maria-Laura Sanapo
Ming Doyle, Marc Deering
Wes Abbott
Kelly Fitzpatrick, Doug Garbark
Jim Chadwick, Jessica Chen (assistant)


Aquawoman (Mera), Batwoman (Katherine Kane), Supergirl (Kara Starikov)
Stargirl (Kortni Duginovna), Wonder Woman (Princess Diana), Zatanna Zatara, Big Barda, Doctor Light (Kimiyo Hoshi),
Brother Night (Edel Nacht), Joker's Daughter
Alexander Luthor, Amanda Waller, Helena, Harleen Quinzell, John Constantine, Pamela Ysley, Gren, Selina Digatti, Steve Trevor, Lund, Captain Shin, Hathaway, Jhaveri, Norris, Varvara Dugina
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Series features an alternate take on DC’s main heroines. It was initially published as a weekly digital title and then the monthly print version was published afterwards.


As supporting the Royal Navy’s war efforts, Mera spots a Nazi U-boat manned by Tenebrae which her sperm whales tear apart. Right after she boards a British ship and engages with several sailors. Their cheerful talk is interrupted when the ship’s radars spot two missiles incoming. Mera leaps back into the water and gets up an ice wall to intercept the assumed German weapons.

The so-called missiles are Supergirl and Stargirl. Supergirl bursts through the ice wall easily. Mera uses her water attacks to try to trap the Girl of Steel, demanding to know what she is and who she is working for. However Stargirl smashes her aqua constructs. She gets hurt and bruised but she doesn’t care. Whoever tries to hurt her sister will have to go through her. Her words give Mera pause, and Stargirl gets to explain they are Russian deserters seeking asylum. Both girls and her mother are allowed to board the ship.

Meanwhile in Berlin, Batwoman runs into Helena, leader of the German Resistance. Both women fight and destroy a Tenebrae and run off. Then Batwoman meets Lex and Selina. Kate helps Helena sneak in the trunk and gets in their car. As Selina drives off, Lex tells he wants to keep this world human, and shows Batwoman a piece of Kryptonite.

In the Atlantic, Mera gives Kara and Kortni some quick English lessons while they wait for Amanda Waller. Waller arrives, escorted by Big Barda and Dr. Light. Both girls wish to fight and make a better world, and agree work for Waller. However they will not wear star-and-striped uniforms. They are still Russians and love their country and their people.

In Greece, Wonder Woman has been jailed by disobeying orders. She will not apologize or recant, though. And she will not be restrained. Diana breaks out, and she and Steve leave.

In France, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy rampage through a town.

In Berlin, Zatanna hates to be the Joker’s daughter’s puppet, but she is frightened of leaving that place. As they talk, Constantine reveals he also works for Waller.