Ever since the launch of the New 52 many fans had wondered whether Donna Troy would ever make an appearance? Some speculated that she perhaps existed in one of the alternate Earths that existed but it came as a bit of a surprise when the final panel of this issue revealed that Donna did indeed exist in the New 52 but perhaps not in the way fans had envisaged, seemingly crafted by a Sorceress from the remains of Queen Hippolyta in some sort of spell that depended on human sacrifice. Some began to immediately fear that once again, the New 52 would bring us a much darker and warped version of a much loved character. But some felt that the Finch’s needed time to tell their story and that it was far too early to draw conclusions.

It was clear however that the new creative team were intent on putting their stamp on this run and to draw a clear line between what had passed with Azzarello. No sign of the Gods and once again, we see a still conflicted and troubled Diana interacting with her Justice League colleagues.