The Finch’s debut issue was clearly a very different take on Diana. Some fans were frustrated that the opening scene showed the Amazon Princess naked in the shower, reminiscent of how she had made her naked debut in Azzarello’s first issue. But some reasoned that depicting Diana washing away the blood from her battle with the First Born was a symbolic way of showing that this new run was going to be washing away the past mistakes and also Diana’s penchant for sword wielding bloodthirstiness. A clean start if you like.

Very early on in the issue we see Diana standing amongst her peers in the Justice League – something we never saw throughout the entire run of Azzarello. Meredith Finch writes a Wonder Woman who is not at peace with herself, snappy and trigger happy. But – it is clear that this is the writer’s intent, because we find out that Diana knows she is not herself and that she needs to find herself again. Once again, another reference to Wonder Woman perhaps having strayed too far over the past three years from who she should be as a character?

David Finch’s art is a refreshing change to Chiang’s rather sketch book style, although ironically while some at the time had accused Chiang’s art of being too simplistic and that it looked like it had been drawn by a teenager, some now accused Finch of drawing a Diana who looked like a teenager! And in truth, Finch certainly has a Manga vibe about his style, which results in a rather doe eyed looking Amazon Princess.