(The) New 52: Futures End – 11

(The) New 52: Futures End – 11

General Info

Issue No:
On Sale Date:
July 2014
Cover Date:
September 2014
New 52
Story Title:
Part 11

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Ryan Sook
Brian Azzarello, Jeff Lemire, Dan Jurgens, Keith Giffen
Georges Jeanty
Cam Smith
Taylor Esposito
Joey Cavalieri, Kyle Andrukiewicz (assistant)


Hawkman (Katar Hol), Jason Rusch, Justin, Ronnie Raymond
Mister Terrific (Michael Holt), Justice League: Aquaman (Arthur Curry), Arsenal (Roy Harper), Cyborg (Victor Stone), Equinox (Miiyahbin Marten), Flash (Barry Allen), Superman (Billy Batson), Wonder Woman (Princess Diana), Stormguard (Darius Haynes), S.H.A.D.E.: Amaya, Frankenstein
Voodoo (Priscilla Kitaen)
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This was a cross-over event that portrayed a possible future where civilization is destroyed by Brother Eye as he progressively assimilates super-heroes to join his destructive cause.


It is a normal day in the life of Justin, Cole Cash’s tech support. Cole, however, has been missing for weeks now, and left Justin with a mouthy shape-shifting alien who reminds that if Grifter was to go absent for forty-eight hours, Justin was to cut and run. Justin is convinced that Cole isn’t dead, and tired of the alien’s ribbing, shoots him in the head.

After getting dressed, Justin heads out to find his contact, whom he worries will be drunk when he gets there, despite the hour. Instead, he finds Voodoo beating up the men who invaded her safe-house. With the knowledge that Cole has gone missing, she reluctantly takes him on, welcoming him to her personal hell, spending her time in hiding. It has clearly taken its toll on her.

In the Huron System, Ray Palmer provides guidance to his three companions in following the distress signal that Hawkman picked up on his Stormwatch communicator, warning that it might be a trap. Hawkman doesn’t care, and as they travel, Amethyst and Frankenstein bond over their awkward senses of humour, and she presents him with a Bloodstone to sharpen his sword with. She explains it came from Gemworld, which was unfortunately attacked and conquered by a powerful mystic during the war with Earth 2. Suddenly, the vessel begins plummeting uncontrollably toward a nearby planet, as its systems unexpectedly shut down.

In New York City, Michael Holt prepares for an interview in which he intends to reveal that the Batman who broke into Terrifitech was trying to steal the uSpheres. Privately, however, his discovery of the cyborg from the future has led him to believe that he was not merely a thief, but a threat. When the cameras start rolling, Michael smears this Batman’s reputation by implying that he is an invader from an another world entirely.

In the Madagascar sea, the being who emerged from a cave in Southeast Asia and destroyed and murdered an exploring party finds its way onto a cargo ship and kills every member its crew.

On the Justice League Satellite, the Justice League abruptly teleports Ronnie Raymond from out of a strip-joint. With Jason Rusch at their side, they explain that Ronnie cannot simply walk away from his role as Firestorm. As one of the team’s most powerful members, he has a responsibility to use this power. Angrily, Ronnie complains that Jason must have put them up to this, but Jason reminds that he doesn’t want to ever be in the Firestorm Matrix again. Ronnie feels put upon, and Jason professes that he hasn’t told the League anything about what Ronnie did. Roy Harper overhears this remark and correctly assumes that they are talking about something to do with Oliver Queen’s death. Jason puts it to Ronnie that it will be up to him to clear the air about what really happened.

Sheepishly, Ronnie explains that it was his fault that he and Jason didn’t get to Seattle in time to help Oliver. He’d ignored Jason’s calls because he was busy with a girl. Embittered, he warns that they shouldn’t judge him. He didn’t sign up for a life of 24/7 sacrifice. He reminds that they had declared New York and Washington as priorities when Pittsburgh was attacked, and his own mother had died because he wasn’t there to save her. The others try to explain that this is just how war is, but Ronnie won’t hear of it, and declares that Firestorm is over. He will be living for himself from now on. Maudlin, Jason turns to the league and comments that if they were able to find a replacement for Ollie in Roy, they will be able to find a replacement for Firestorm. He will have no part in it.