Superman Wonder Woman – 13

Superman Wonder Woman – 13

General Info

Issue No:
On Sale Date:
November 2014
Cover Date:
January 2015
New 52
Story Title:
Battlefield of Love

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Doug Mahnke
Peter J. Tomasi
Doug Mahnke
Jaime Mendoza, Don Ho
Carlos M. Mangual
Tomeu Morey
Eddie Berganza, Jeremy Bent (associate)


Wonder Woman (Princess Diana), Superman (Clark Kent/Kal El)
Wonderstar/Magog (David Reid)
Major Disaster (Paul Booker), Atomic Skull (Joseph Martin)
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Five years ago, Superman and Wonder Woman fought alongside one another against the Parademons for the first time, and Superman was struck by how wilful she was. He had tried to instruct her in the field, and she had denied him, taking a different tack and criticising his own stratagem. She complained that he fights with too much on his mind, and he responded that she fought with too little on her mind. Her desire to fight the Parademons back made her blind to the need to protect the innocent first. She considered the wounded innocents as being weak, and was confused at how humanity treated this fragility as a virtue. As he brushed past her to pass a wounded man off to an emergency worker, Diana tried to introduce herself, but Superman angrily cut her off to warn that they do not stand by and let people die. She was taken aback.

Now, Clark struggles to put a piece of writing in his head into words on the page, putting a damper on his plans with Diana to go out like a real couple that evening. Annoyed, she rushes him, complaining of his wasting time, and failing to understand the nuances of what it is to be a writer. He is trying to write out his thoughts about the people whom he couldn’t save during the Crime Syndicate’s attack. Diana encourages him not to dwell on it, and Clark promises he’s only trying to use his own skills as a reporter to give voice to the stories of those lost people. He wants to dedicate the writings to their families. Diana concedes that if that would make him happy, it will make her happy. Finally, Clark is ready, and the pair head out for their date.

Meanwhile, at the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant, north of New York City, Atomic Skull and Major Disaster follow their orders to get inside the reactor so that the Atomic Skull can feed from the energy in the rods.

In Manhattan, Diana begins to get annoyed with the fact that Clark keeps giving up their cab to other people out of charity, when it’s raining on her. Annoyed, she steps in front of an off-duty cab and brings it to a stop with a loud whistle. Before she can get inside, though, a tremor shakes the ground they stand on, and they know that it can’t possibly be natural. Clark admits that he can hear a siren from somewhere north of the city, and Diana declares date night over, ducking into an alley to get into her uniform.

At the power plant site, Superman and Wonder Woman discover a tornado caused by Major Disaster, acting as a distraction while Atomic Skull eats the radioactive rods within the reactor. When the pair discover the heroes have arrived, Major Disaster focuses on taking down Wonder Woman while Atomic Skull targets Superman with his radioactive vomit. They manage to work Superman and Wonder Woman into submission, and leave them to be struck repeatedly by lightning as they escape. Unfortunately for them, they are caught mid-air by a man calling himself Wonderstar, who warns that if they have hurt Superman and Wonder Woman, he will kill them.


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