Justice League – Volume 2 – 35

Justice League – Volume 2 – 35

General Info

Issue No:
On Sale Date:
October 2014
Cover Date:
Late December 2014
New 52
Story Title:
The Amazo Virus - Prologue: The Outbreak

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Ivan Reis, Joe Prado
Rafael Albuquerque (Variant)
Geoff Johns
Doug Mahnke, Ivan Reis
Keith Champagne, Mark Irwin, Christian Alamy, Ray McCarthy, Joe Prado
Carlos M. Mangual
Brad Anderson
Brian Cunningham
Amedeo Turturro(Assistant)


Wonder Woman (Princess Diana), Batman (Bruce Wayne), Superman (Clark Kent/Kal El), Aquaman (Arthur Curry), Cyborg (Victor Stone), Flash (Barry Allen), Lex Luthor, Shazam (Billy Batson)
Power Ring (Jessica Cruz)
Alfred Pennyworth, Lena Luthor, Lucius Fox, Sun Yen, Captain Cold (Leonard Snart), Mercy Graves
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Lex Luthor holds a press conference in which he admits that in the past, he had wrongly complained of super-humans’ actions, when the truth was that those who can do, do. He has resolved to make himself someone who can make a difference, and does. The Justice League has taught him the value of unity, and as such, he has joined in a partnership with Bruce Wayne, linking LexCorp with Wayne Enterprises in efforts to help the world beyond Gotham City and Metropolis.

In the audience, Superman and Wonder Woman watch the proceedings incognito, knowing that Bruce will only keep the partnership active long enough to learn Lex’ secrets. Diana doubts that Lex will let that happen, but Clark assures her that nothing can be hidden from Batman. As they watch, Bruce interrupts the conference to say a few words of his own, explaining that when he was young, the daughter of one of his family’s gardeners had fallen ill, and his parents had invested time and money into saving her life and giving her a future. Now, that woman is a top biomedical research analyst as one of Wayne Enterprises’ Board members. Today, Bruce plans to continue his parents’ legacy of using their fortune to finance a war against illness, poverty, and injustice. Tearfully, he admits that he wants to make his parents proud. Grinning, Diana comments that Bruce is a better actor than Lex.

As Lex welcomes Bruce into LexCorp, Bruce confirms with his friends in the League that they have the building well surrounded, waiting for the moment Bruce finds any evidence of illegal activity. Once inside, Lex insists that the members of both of their respective boards remain behind while they tour a secure area. In the elevator, Lex reminds that he agreed to this inspection in exchange for support in joining the League. With full access, Bruce asks first to see where the Bizarro was created. Lex is eager to show him.

Lex admits that the most recent clone was destroyed in the battle against the Crime Syndicate. As such, he is making another one, having grown somewhat attached to the one he lost. Batman reminds that Lex’s nonchalant approach to super-heroics doesn’t endear him to the League. They won’t easily forget all the bad things he has done to this point. Lex explains that his past is irrelevant. He is focused on the future, with the knowledge that an invasion is on the way – one that will end the world. In the meantime, Bruce asks to see Lex’s private lab, guessing at its existence. Grumpily, Lex shows him to a secret door in a hallway, warning that someone is waiting inside.

That someone is Lex’s sister Lena, who seems altogether cheerful in meeting Bruce. Lex gives Bruce permission to look at anything in his private lab without restriction, promising that he has nothing to hide. He admits readily that he spent years in the lab trying to unlock the secrets of Kryptonite. He has built weapons to harness red solar energy. He claims that this is in order to defend against an incursion by the Phantom Zoners. Bruce is sceptical, but Lex warns that as humans the pair of them should stick together. Bruce responds that he can’t trust Lex if he deserted his own sister. He knows all about how Lena fell ill, and despite the story that Lex did nothing to help because he was afraid to fail, Bruce knows the truth that Lex had tried, and had failed, confining her to a wheelchair for the rest of her life. Ashamed of his failure, he left her alone. Lex doesn’t deny it, but insists that this time, he’s going to cure Lena. He has changed.

Outside, Aquaman spots a man on a nearby rooftop wearing some kind of armour, and the man leaps off the ledge. Superman flies up to catch him but the man explodes, knocking Superman to the ground. The explosion rocks the interior of LexCorp as well, and Lena is caught in the blast. Bruce and Lex run to her side, and though she is alive, the explosive man has found his way into the lab as well, with the intent to kill Lex. Luthor makes a run for it, warning Bruce to get Lena to safety. Lex, meanwhile, attempts to access his Warsuit, when the assassin’s attacks breach one of the nearby storage units, and Lex realises with horror that the Amazo Virus is about to be spread through Metropolis.

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