Wonder Woman – Volume 4 – 25

Wonder Woman – Volume 4 – 25

General Info

Issue No:
25 (639)
On Sale Date:
November 2013
Cover Date:
January 2014
New 52
Story Title:
They All Fall Down

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Cliff Chiang
Brian Azzarello
Goran Sudzuka
Goran Sudzuka
Jared K. Fletcher
Matthew Wilson
Chris Conroy (Associate), Matt Idelson


Wonder Woman (Princess Diana), Zola, Orion, Zeke
The First Born, Cassandra
Apollo, Dyonysus, Hephaestus, Hera, Hermes, Strife, Milan, Siracca
Doctor Cheever
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Within the forge of Mount Etna, Strife commissions the smith Hephaestus to create a weapon for her, with which to bring down Wonder Woman, the new Goddess of War.

Elsewhere, Cassandra is in search of both Zeke – the last progeny of Zeus – and the First Born, who was captured by the Gods of Olympus. In order to find them, she has captured the seer Milan.

Meanwhile, in London, Wonder Woman and her friends are amused at how poorly Hermes has disguised himself in his efforts to covertly watch Zeke, while also spying for the Gods of Olympus. With similar amusement, Diana notes that Hera, who had once sought to see both she, Zola, and Zeke dead for their relationship to her husband, has changed. Hera remarks that what has changed most for her, since becoming mortal, is that there are consequences for her actions.

Their conversation is disrupted by the arrival of Orion, who, upon seeing Hermes hiding nearby, attacks him, assuming the worst. The altercation is ceased suddenly, though, when Strife appears in mourning garb. She pointedly indicates that she is grieving for Ares, whose position Diana has taken since she was forced to kill him. Passive aggressively, Strife hints at the grudge she bares.

On Mount Olympus, Apollo and Dionysus torture the First Born by eating his organs while he still lives. Dionysus comments that the decree that there shall be no more war is of little consequence to him, as he has no stake in whether Apollo remains king of Olympus or not. Apollo wonders what might happen if he gave Dionysus a stake in the matter.

Back in London, Strife offers gifts to the assembled, beginning with Hera. The once-queen of Olympus is surprised to open hers and find her cloak, for which she is grateful. Smirking, Strife turns to Orion, for whom she has got nothing, having failed to foresee his return to play second fiddle to a third-string band of misfits. For Diana, though, she has something special: Ares’ helmet. Diana responds that the helmet belongs to Ares, but Strife points out that he is dead, and to the murderer go the spoils. For Zeke, Strife has a blanket spun from secrets kept by eyeless spiders. With that, she claims that the baby will no longer be a target for the Gods of Olympus, but her tone suggests a hidden meaning.

Meanwhile, Milan receives some unexpected help from his half-sister Siraca, but she cannot free him. Concerned, she travels to London for Wonder Woman’s help. Hearing the news of Milan’s captivity, the impulsive Orion leaves without hearing Diana’s plan. Exasperated, the Amazon asks Hermes to get her to Chernobyl, leaving a surprised Strife in charge of things in London. Despite her surprise, all the pieces are in place for Strife’s plans.


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