Wonder Woman – Volume 4 – 18

Wonder Woman – Volume 4 – 18

General Info

Issue No:
18 (632)
On Sale Date:
March 2013
Cover Date:
May 2013
New 52
Story Title:
The Queen of Roots

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Cliff Chiang
Brian Azzarello
Goran Sudzuka, Cliff Chiang, Tony Atkins, Dan Green
Goran Sudzuka, Cliff Chiang, Tony Atkins, Dan Green
Jared K. Fletcher
Matthew Wilson
Chris Conroy (Associate), Matt Idelson


Wonder Woman (Princess Diana), Orion, Lennox, Zola
The First Born, Cassandra
Hera, Ares, Poseidon, Hermes, Strife, Demeter
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Hermes is not eager to fight with Wonder Woman, but since she has apparently allied herself with Ares in the pursuit of Zola’s kidnapped newborn, he has little choice. Diana has no desire to fight him either, but he will not simply give the child to her.

Meanwhile, in the South Pacific, the First Born faces his uncle Poseidon, who regrets his brother’s decision to let this powerful enemy live. Zeus had let the First Born live, buried at the earth’s core, in the hopes that he would learn humility. Poseidon regards this as a mistake that will not be made again, swallowing the First Born whole.

As they fight, though Diana is the better fighter, she is no match for Hermes’s speed. He nearly sinks his talons into her, but he is prevented by the sudden crash of a Boom Tube, as Orion whisks her out of the way. Though Diana herself is not fast enough to outrun Hermes, Orion’s Astro-Harness is quite capable, and the pair make a dash for it, with Orion explaining that when he slapped her ass earlier, it was to collect her DNA for tracking – and not merely because he wanted to. As Hermes begins to gain on them, Diana urges Orion to stop suddenly, and the abrupt stop sends Hermes crashing through Demeter’s Realm at top speed.

Meanwhile, Ares confronts Demeter bemoaning his annoyance at having become bored with carnage after an eternity of living on the edge between life and death. Approaching her, he tears open her wooden gut and removes the kidnapped baby from the cavity.

Wonder Woman and Orion arrive to find Demeter injured, and though their intent was to find the child, concern her wound has taken precedence. Demeter warns that Ares has taken the child, and that Diana’s tendency toward compassion is surely one reason that her former mentor hates her, now.

Diana and Orion return to Manhattan, while she curses herself for having taken the risk of trusting War. Orion comforts her, explaining that while it was a risk, it was a calculated one, and she did right in taking it. He promises that they will find the child.

They return to their hotel suite to find everyone gathered around the sofa, and when they approach, it becomes clear that Ares has actually returned Zola’s baby to her, and Diana owes him an apology. Holding the baby in her arms, Diana realises that it is a boy. With relief, Orion comments that he is glad it is a boy, because if he is called upon to destroy it, he would feel better about it than if it were a girl. His companions regard him with contempt for this remark.

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