Wonder Woman – Volume 4 – 17

Wonder Woman – Volume 4 – 17

General Info

Issue No:
17 (631)
On Sale Date:
February 2013
Cover Date:
April 2013
New 52
Story Title:

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Cliff Chiang
Brian Azzarello
Tony Atkins, Amilcar Pinna
Dan Green, Amilcar Pinna
Jared K. Fletcher
Matthew Wilson, Nick Filard
Chris Conroy (Associate), Matt Idelson


Wonder Woman (Princess Diana), Orion, Lennox, Zola
The First Born, Cassandra
Hera, Ares, Poseidon, Hermes, Strife, Dionysus
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Wonder Woman and her companions return to their Manhattan hotel room to find that Zola and Hera have disappeared. Fortunately, Orion is able to track them by one of Zola’s hairs.

Zola, meanwhile, had just found herself surrounded by immortals in a nearby bar. Knowing that Ares intends to kill Wonder Woman, she secrets a knife into her sleeve while his back is turned. A sudden Boom signals the arrival of Wonder Woman. Though Strife makes a scene, fawning over Orion, it is Ares’s presence that causes Diana to stiffen as she hasn’t seen him since she was 13. As soon as they lock eyes, Zola raises the knife over her head and turns on Ares, warning Diana to run, but the god grabs her by the wrist and turns the knife against her own throat, warning that he would gladly kill her for that affront. When Diana agrees to sit and drink with him, he gives the girl and the knife up.

Flying toward the volcanic island of Anak Krakatau, the First Born asks Cassandra about her cybernetic neck. She deflects his question, so he asks her instead why she has chosen to help him acclimatise to this age. She responds merely that she serves him because he is a god. Though he knows she’s keeping secrets, her answer is the truth. In any case, they have come for his weapons, which are deep within the volcano. The island of Anak Krakatau was once submerged in the sea, the domain of Poseidon, but the island rose to the surface with the eruptions of Krakatoa.

Ares remarks that taking Zola’s child to Demeter was wise of Hermes, as it would be the first place anyone would look. Unfortunately, only another Olympian can move between realms uninvited – meaning that Diana requires a guide. Though Strife volunteers, Ares refuses to allow it, stating that he will take Diana – and only Diana. Zola is angry that she will not be included in the search for her own child, but Diana convinces her to leave it to her, as the threat of Ares going by himself is much worse.

Cassandra’s helicopters are attacked suddenly by massive sharks; creatures of Poseidon. Though the First Born takes the challenge eagerly, Cassandra is dragged down under the water.

The restaurant’s rooftop garden serves as an entrance to Demeter’s realm, and there, Ares asks Diana what she plans to do with the baby once she has it again. She responds that she will simply return it to Zola, prompting Ares to remind that the baby will need constant protection that Diana cannot hope to provide.

They are attacked all at once by Hermes, who grievously injures Ares, and places the point of his sword in Diana’s face, warning that he will do what needs to be done.



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