Superman – Volume 3 – 26

Superman – Volume 3 – 26

General Info

Issue No:
On Sale Date:
December 2013
Cover Date:
February 2014
New 52
Story Title:
Brain Drain

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Ken Lashley
Scott Lobdell
Ken Lashley
Ken Lashley
Rob Leigh
Pete Pantazis
Eddie Berganza, Anthony Marques (assistants)


Superman (Clark Kent/Kal El)
Wonder Woman (Princess Diana)
Parasite (Joshua Micheal Allen)
Lois Lane, Shay Veritas, General Samuel Lane, Jonathan Carroll
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Clark is having dinner with his girlfriend, Wonder Woman, at his apartment; when all of sudden, Lois manifests as an astral projection before them. As Diana gives Clark and Lois a little privacy, Lois tells Clark that ever since she fell back into a coma, her powers have been growing steadily, to the point she can hear the thoughts of everyone in Metropolis. Putting on his armor, Superman decides to check on Lois at the hospital, with Wonder Woman’s blessing.

At the Suicide Slum, two paramedics are getting a homeless man to the hospital; when a hooded stranger, the Parasite, asks the paramedics to give him a ride.

Superman takes Lois’ astral form to the hospital, where they see her father, General Lane, check up on her. Superman eavesdrops on him and General Lane says the government has chosen him to replace Hume at the U.S. Senate ever since Hume died. The government wants him to investigate something called the Tower. Before General Lane leaves, he promises to make Lois proud, just like he has always been proud of her. Later, Clark and Jonathan visit Lois. Jonathan admits he is jealous of Lois’ friendship with Superman, but Clark says she chose him over Superman. Meanwhile, the Parasite arrives at the hospital and senses someone with great power is inside.

Later, Clark begins to write his article about General Lane, when he receives a call from Dr. Veritas. Superman talks with Veritas’ hologram on the Daily Planet’s rooftop about Lois’ coma. Veritas says that Lois is beginning to transform, but suddenly, the Parasite begins to wreak havoc at the hospital. Superman confronts the Parasite, but the Parasite copies his cold breath and freezes him. As Superman defrosts himself with his heat vision, he realizes the Parasite did not come for him. Instead, he wants to absorb Lois’ power.


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