In the New 52 we saw the rather confusing scenario whereby we have three different”Justice League” teams running around! The “Justice League” featured the core members while the government decides to create it’s own team named the “Justice League of America” featuring “second stingers”. And meanwhile a third team called Justice League Dark was formed to confront the more mystical threats in the world.

This issue also see the start of a crossover story that had been trailed right at the very start of the New 52, after the appearance of strange female known as Pandora in a number of the launch titles. Fans speculated for months which “trinity” would be fighting each other, with many assuming it would be a breakdown in the friendship of the “Big 3” heroes – namely Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman and that they would find themselves fighting each other for some reason.

The reality however was quite different and in fact involved the three different Leagues battling each other.

The story continues from a prelude in “Trinity of Sin:Pandora” #1.