Wonder Woman – Volume 4 – 13

Wonder Woman – Volume 4 – 13

General Info

Issue No:
13 (627)
On Sale Date:
October 2012
Cover Date:
December 2012
New 52
Story Title:
Sins of the Father

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Cliff Chiang
Brian Azzarello
Tony Atkins
Dan Green, Tony Atkins
Jared K. Fletcher
Matthew Wilson
Chris Conroy (Associate), Matt Idelson


Wonder Woman (Princess Diana), Lennox, Zola
First Born
Dyonysus, Ares, Apollo, Hephaestus, Aphrodite, Artemis, Hera, Siracca
Duerson, Cassandra
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Somewhere in Antarctica, a team of explorers discovers a massive naked man sitting within a crater. One man, Duerson, boldly seeks to make contact, but when he approaches, he does not understand the man’s language. Suddenly, the visitor grabs him up, and chomps down hard on his skull. He approaches the remaining explorers, and announces in perfect English that he is the one with no name; crippler of souls and first born. Mystified, they watch as he elbows past them.

Dionysus arrives at the newly rebuilt Mount Olympus, where he encounters Ares nursing a particularly strong bottle of alcohol. The pair of them arrive at the top of the tall building that Apollo has erected there, where the other gods are enjoying a swim in the pool. Not all gods have agreed to join them. Athena refused to be a part of the coup. On the other hand, Hephaestus has agreed to come with his wife Aphrodite, merely because they are family. In any case, Apollo shares the prophecy he learned, of the child of Zeus who would kill a god and take the throne. Though the assembled believed they were the most powerful children of Zeus, Apollo’s mind has been changed since he saw how the Amazon Diana of Themyscira defeated his sister Artemis in battle.

In London, Diana and her half-brother Lennox have brought Zola and the newly mortal Hera with them, away from Olympus. Though the latter two are constantly at each others’ throats, their alliance is necessary as yet. Only Hera has the key to reviving the Amazons – not the least of which is Diana’s mother Hippolyta – who were all turned to stone. Lennox is aware of just five of Zeus’ bastard children belonging to the same generation. He and Diana are two, and three others remain. There were seven, but Hera had two of them killed. One of those children, Siracca, the Wind had been giving Lennox information, but has stopped talking to him since he joined with Diana. So, if she wants her help, Diana will have to seek out Siracca for herself, though Lennox believes Siracca does not trust Diana.

Diana heads to Libya, where military forces open fire on her, as soon as they recognise her. She easily deflects and dodges their artillery, and warns them to be gone from that place. After they run off, Diana’s attention is caught by the clatter of something in a nearby water barrel. Inside is a small child, and Diana scoops her up in her arms. The child explains that the people of the village go to a special place when the soldiers come; a special place that she found. Inside, what appears to be a great underground temple, the child becomes frightened, and Diana promises to protect her.

The child explains that this was once the palace of a king and his many queens, but now, it is home only to Siracca. At this, a bombardment of blades launches itself at them both, and Diana works to deflect each one. She is unscathed, but when she looks down, the child has been impaled. As the child dies in her arms, she whispers indignantly that Diana had broken her promise to protect her.

Suddenly, the child’s body turns to sand, and Diana finds herself under attack by Siracca, who explains that she never believed that Diana would protect her.

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