This issues sees the revelation that Wonder Woman and Superman have feelings for each other. The topic of a relationship between Diana and one of her team mates had of course been explored before in the JLA title, when the Amazon Princess and Batman had briefly pondered whether to takie their obvious feelings for each other further than just on a platonic basis. However the New 52 really took things to a whole new level.

DC revealed that in fact this New 52 Universe would see Diana and Kal become a fully fledged couple in every sense and Lois and Steve would no longer play the role of the “other half”. Fans were split pretty evenly, between expressing joy that DC’s premier hero and heroine would at last be an item and that they were the perfect match for each other- and sheer horror that this was simply a cheap marketing stunt to sell books and merchandise and that Diana didn’t need a man to “validate her”.

DC added insult to injury by launching a new, stand alone title called “Superman Wonder Woman”, which featured the two heroes confronting their respective rogues gallery together in each issue. The Rebirth “soft-reboot” saw Superman killed and aKal from another dimension arrive together with his family. This Superman was married to Lois who had also borne a son for him. And Diana  – much to most fans pleasure – returned to the arms of her beloved Steve.