Brain Azzarello’s story continues at a slow burn rate and once again features almost no action whatsoever. In the build up to the title’s launch Azzarello had warned that the new book would not be a super heroine book as such, but more of a horror book. Thus far however, there had been very little horror in the conventional sense, but certainly an absence of any super heroics and instead a great deal of family intrigue and melodrama in the tradition of the old Greek legends. This lack of typical Wonder Woman elements had not seemed to affect sales thus far however, as the book continued to sell far better than it had for many years and was widely perceived as being an interesting story that genuinely intrigued readers enough to want to read the next issue – as well as generally recognised as being one of the most successful of the “New 52” re-launch titles.

That said, although the book featured familiar elements such as the Gods and the Amazons, there remained for a few the nagging question as to whether Diana’s character could in fact be replaced by any other female character – and that the story would still essentially work. In other words, while it may have been a very good story – did it necessarily follow that it also made a very good Wonder Woman story?

It would be easy to imagine a situation whereby fans had been starved of any recognisable version of Wonder Woman for so long (during the misguided Odyssey arc) and were quite simply grateful for anything that at least depicted a Diana they could relate to once again – even if the book was rather down beat in tone and missing that certain “inspirational” DNA that Wonder Woman as a character is supposed to embody.

Or perhaps it truly was a new dawn for the iconic character and a very clever and appropriate revamp for a modern audience? Only time would tell for sure.

Cliff Chiang’s artwork also continued to receive plaudits and he admittedly draws a lovely Diana, managing to bring some much needed vibrancy and appeal to her rather drab and needlessly redesigned costume.