In this issue we discover how Wonder Woman ended up in the situation she finds herself in at the beginning of Odyssey and why she needed to “find herself” during this past year. This is done in a flashback, in which a rather over confident Wonder Woman initially confronts the Morrigan by casually walking into their lair. Everything about the scene is off, with Wonder Woman being made to look like a rank amateur, almost as if she is surprised when her foes suddenly decide to attack her and almost kill her in the process, before Nemesis arrives on the scene and after barely a struggle quickly dispatches Diana.

Considering how much some parts of the story arc had been stretched out in order to fill fourteen issues instead of the original twelve issue arc, it would have made so much more sense for Phil Hester to devote considerable more panel time to fleshing out this sequence and perhaps making Diana’s motives and actions a little more true to character – and for her initial show down with Nemesis to be a little more heroic before so easily being “struck down” by her opponent.

The plot device explaining why Diana is “lost” is all rather predictable considering the very long build up to this finale, as we discover that Wonder Woman had subsequently been possessed by Nemesis but that a small part of Diana has been saved and kept hidden. Interestingly, Straczynski had used a similar plot device in his TV series ‘Babylon 5’, in which Ambassador Kosh hides a piece of himself in Commander Sheriden just before the Vorlon is killed by the Shadows. Later, this hidden piece of Kosh would re-emerge from Sheriden to “save the day”.

So, as both the story arc – and indeed this particular incarnation of Wonder Woman – finally approached its final issue, fans wondered whether it would be a finale worthy of this iconic character in what was supposed to be her 70th Anniversary celebrations.