Around this time DC made the shocking announcement that it would be effectively “re-booting” the entire DC Universe with every single title re-starting at #1 with all new and fresh interpretations and origins of its core characters. And in one stroke the Odyssey story arc all became rather pointless, after Phil Hester made it clear on message boards that the arc was completely self contained and its payoff was not linked in anyway to the Flashpoint crossover event that would wreak the drastic changes to the DC Universe. After much hype and continuous reassurances from DC that Straczynski’s opus had a grand master plan – and that while many fans may not have liked how the arc started, they would absolutely love how it ended – it became apparent that whatever the finale brought us – it would all count for nothing and effectively be wiped clean by the re-boot. Apart from, it seemed, the controversial new Jim Lee costume of course.

Many fans were furious at these turn of events. The campaign in 2010 to have the title renumbered had all been for nothing. And, while fans of other characters had at least had the past year to enjoy the current incarnation of their beloved characters before seeing them “re-imagined” as part of the upcoming re-vamp, Wonder Woman fans were denied even that opportunity, having to endure a year long story line featuring a largely unrecognisable version of Diana in both appearance and characterisation.

As to the events in this issue, we step ever closer to the “big reveal” as to who the main villain of the piece is – and there is just a hint that she may in fact be Wonder Woman herself. Once more, we see a largely unrecognisable version of Wonder Woman – ineffective and selfishly crying while behind her, the Amazon sisters who have fought by her side suffer horrible deaths in a continuation of the extreme “violent death” theme so prevalent in this arc.