Continuing this arc’s rather bloodthirsty tone, more of Diana’s sisters get slaughtered leaving her to face off against the three Amazons tasked with taking her down – and in the process she finds herself rather outclassed! This is presumably due to this version of Diana supposedly being a younger, more naive version of the Amazon Princess, because the speed and ease in which she is taken down is somewhat out of character based on the Wonder Woman we are so used to – and who can go toe to toe with even the likes of Superman.

Again we have yet another set of artists on the book, but the plot does flow more coherently than previous issues. The release date for Issue 609 was also brought forward and went on sale only a couple of weeks after this issue came out, in order for DC to hit their original intended date for the “Odyssey” arc to reach its conclusion, having lost several weeks due to the upheaval caused by Straczynski’s abrupt departure.

Meanwhile further casting information was released for the proposed NBC Wonder Woman TV series, including Liz Hurley playing the villainess Veronica Cale. Also, the first image to hit the web showing Adrianne Palicki in her costume met with divided opinions, with some at least thankful it was not the full blown Jim Lee “Jacket and choker” version as currently featured in the comic, but disappointed to see that she was still saddled with a pair of pants. Indeed, it was not just Wonder Woman fans who were vocal on the subject – many mainstream commentators criticised the fact that the costume did not conform to the iconic version most members of the public fondly remembered as worn by Lynda Carter in the 70’s TV series -and questioned why the need to change from the basic design aesthetics?

Interestingly, the initial fan response to the image mainly criticised both the fact that she sported a pair of blue boots instead of her traditional red ones and also that the material used for the costume itself seemed rather too bright and shiny – and looked rather cheap and tacky! Subsequent images taken later on the set of the pilot episode showed that the colours had already been toned down and that Adrianne now wore a pair of red boots. Was this a sign that the TV executives were actually listening to fan criticism – or had the publicity agents merely been stoking the fires of controversy on purpose with misleading images to help further promote the already much talked about show? Only time would tell..