Once again this issue shows evidence of “patching up”, as another varied art team endeavour to bring the book back on schedule after the interruption caused by Straczynski’s sudden and unexpected departure. Once more we see glimmers of the old Diana and more subtle imagery of her wearing her iconic costume.

Meanwhile, NBC Studios – who had picked up the rights to develop David E. Kelley’s new “revisionist” Wonder Woman TV show – announced that they had found their new ‘Diana’ in the form of relative unknown actress Adrianne Palicki, who many years later would star as Mockingbird in ABC’s “Marvel: Agents of Shield”.

Again, supposed leaked versions of the script sparked much debate and controversy – as evidenced when another actress’s audition tape appeared on You Tube, in which she was allegedly reading from the actual draft script. The scene seemed to depict a Diana wholly unrecognisable by most fans – a seemingly whiny, self conscious corporate executive who appeared to be body obsessed and who behaved and spoke more like “Power Girl” than she did “Wonder Woman”!