Flashpoint – 2

Flashpoint – 2

General Info

Issue No:
On Sale Date:
June 2011
Cover Date:
August 2011
Modern Age
Story Title:
Chapter Two

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Andy Kubert, Sandra Hope
Ivan Reis, George Perez (variant)
Geoff Johns
Andy Kubert
Sandra Hope
Nick J. Napolitano
Tanya Horie, Richard Horie
Kate Stewart, Rex Ogle


Flash (Barry Allen), Batman (Thomas Wayne)
Emperor Aquaman (Orin), Wonder Woman (Queen Diana)
Professor Zoom (Eobard Thawne)
Deathstroke (Slade Wilson), Sonar (Bito Wladen), Clayface (Basil Karlo), Icile (Cameron Mahkent), Steve Trevor, Ocean Master (Orm Marius)
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Flashpoint was a crossover event that eventually lead up to the rebooting of the entire DC Universe and the introduction of the controversial New 52 era in September, 2011.

DC Comics took the unprecedented decision to consolidate and relaunch all their comic lines, discontinuing some series while introducing new ones, resulting in 52 titles each all starting at #1. This consolidation included the incorporation of both the Wildstorm Productions and the reincorporation of certain Vertigo properties into the mainstream DC Universe. The event took its name from the company’s thematic associations with the number 52, which began with the publication of the weekly series 52, in which it was revealed that a Multiverse of 52 parallel realities existed within the DC Universe.

This story line features an alternate, more evil version of Diana.


In Europe, the pirate Deathstroke is sailing a boat down the flooded remains of Paris. He along with Sonar, Icicle, and Clayface are searching for any sunken loot to steal until they are attacked by Emperor Aquaman and Ocean Master.

Back at Wayne Manor, Thomas Wayne starts beating up Barry Allen, as Barry tries to explain about his secret identity as the Flash and his relation to Bruce Wayne. Barry’s memories spontaneously change and he remembers the flooding of Western Europe by Aquaman and the siege on London by the Amazons and renaming it New Themyscira, and Barry learns that the world of Flashpoint is not an alternate dimension, but his own.

Barry’s ring, which he uses to contain his Flash outfit, falls from his pocket and he decides to use his costume as proof of his secret identity. However, the ring instead ejects the Reverse-Flash’s costume and Barry tells Wayne that the Reverse Flash is taunting him with it. Barry explains that both he and the Reverse Flash have the ability to alter time, leading Thomas Wayne to ask him about how Bruce was to have lived in his place and if he can really change the world, Barry saying that he first needs his speed.

In London, Steve Trevor is waiting at a rendezvous point for Lois Lane as he is attacked by Wonder Woman and the Amazons. Wonder Woman catches him by the neck with her Lasso of Truth and begins interrogating him after he is temporarily able to resist the lasso’s effects. He explains that he was hired to extract Lois Lane from New Themyscira because she was sent to gather information on the Amazons for Cyborg. Wonder Woman states that their counterspy was telling something similar to Cyborg’s amassing of super humans to stop the fighting between her and Aquaman and her subjects ask her what to do with Steve Trevor.

At Wayne Manor, Barry created an electric chair-like device to reenact the accident that turned him into the Flash. A bolt of lightning strikes the chair and Barry Allen catches fire. Batman douses the flames and sees an unconscious Barry, his body covered in severe burns.