With the upheaval caused by the abrupt departure of Straczynski, the books publishing schedule went into temporary chaos and DC had to bring all hands to the pump to try and keep the book on track. This particular issue was obviously delayed and as can be seen from the credits, required a number of additional artists to ensure it could at least be brought out in the same month even if a few weeks late.

Phil Hester, now onboard as the regular writer and working from Straczynski’s story notes, endeavors to make his mark and bring his own interpretation of Diana while at the same time not deviating too far from the Straczynski vision. Not an easy task.

The issue does suffer from a rather jolting change in pace and a noticeably different feel to it but considering the circumstances, it’s a credit to all involved that they just about manage to salvage something readable from the wreckage left behind by Mr. Straczynski.