After all the rumours regarding which “big name” writer would replace Gail Simone, DC finally announced that from issue 601 (following the anniversary issue renumbering), J.M. Straczynski would not only take over writing duties on “Wonder Woman” but would also be writing “Superman”. To whet fans appetites, he would be writing an introduction story for #600 alongside Simone’s ‘swan song’ story that would set the stage for his first story arc – and which according to Dan Dido during a convention panel “would involve the destruction of Themyscira – and things get worse from there.”

Each new writer obviously always wants to make a big impression in their initial story arcs, but destroying the Amazon’s homelands was becoming a little common. John Byrne’s much loathed run began with a similar’ destruction’ story line and fans were hoping that this was not an ominous omen for what Straczynski’s run had to offer. Time would tell.

For now, Simone gives us her final story arc – with a nod to Wonder Woman’s past (see issue 252, volume 1) plus the talented Nicola Scott gives us her lush artwork.