Wonder Woman – Volume 3 – 27

Wonder Woman – Volume 3 – 27

General Info

Issue No:
27 (582)
On Sale Date:
December 2008
Cover Date:
February 2009
Modern Age
Story Title:
Rise of the Olympian - Part Two: A Sense Of Loss

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Aaron Lopresti, Frank Quietly (Variant)
Gail Simone
Aaron Lopresti
Matt Ryan
Travis Lanham
Brad Anderson
Sean Ryan (Associate), Matt Idelson


Wonder Woman (Diana Prince), Etta Candy, Tom Tresser (Nemesis), Sarge Steel
Wonder Girl (Cassandra Sandsmark), Troia (Donna Troy), Black Canary (Dinah Lance), Green Lantern (Jon Stewart), Vixen (Mari Jiwe McCabe), Firestorm (Martin Stein/Jason Rusch), Red Tornado
Dr. Magnus Morrow, Barbara Minerva (Cheetah), Genocide
Athena, Zeus
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This issue sees the return of the Amazons after their banishment and disbandment at the end of Amazons Attack and we begin to learn more about the true power of the golden lasso.


As TV broadcasts beam live pictures of the carnage at the shopping mall, Wonder Girl gets a call at Teen Titans HQ from Donna Troy, who tells here that they need to assist Wonder Woman in her hour of need. Wonder Girl cannot believe that Diana has been taken down and Donna has to snap Cassie out of her terror and reminds her that she wears the symbol of an Amazon. Donna adds that they are to involve no other super heroes as Diana would not want them to see her like this. Robin places a comforting hand on Cassie’s shoulders and hugs her as she sobs, wondering whether they have just witnessed the fall of Wonder Woman.

Back at the mall Tom is trying desperately to free Wonder Woman from her predicament. The still weak and groggy Amazon Princess murmurs how it is all for nothing as Genocide has her lasso now. Etta watches on worriedly and a member of the squad, Winston, reminds her that they just received instructions from Sarge Steel to arrest Tom Tresser on sight. Etta replies that the Tom has not been seen within miles of their location and that the man assisting Wonder Woman is someone completely different. Winston nods in understanding and continues to play along.

Tom holds Diana head up and pleads with her to help him free her. She whispers that the creature had beaten her….as a warrior. He tells her he understands her pride as a warrior and how this must affect her and she weakly says “I know you do. Part of why I picked you.”..

Meanwhile on Themyscira Zeus rushes to the bed chamber where an ever weakening Athena lies. He is told by the other Gods and Goddesses that she refuses to eat or drink. He leans by the bedside and asks her why she is doing this? She replies that they were once proud and mighty beings, loved and revered. Now they rule nothing and are worshipped by nobody. Ares will win and the daughter she had hoped would make their hopes and dream a reality is near death, with the name of another god on her last breath. Zeus pleads with her that they are not themselves since their return to this dimension and that they need Athena’s wisdom. “The foolishness Lord, is living past the time meant for you” she responds. “I have found the strength to avoid that destiny. You don’t care for me Zeus, but I want your promise. Save my people. Save the Amazons. Help them in their mission of peace. I beg thee.” Zeus takes her hand and vows that he will.

Elsewhere at the headquarters of the Secret Society nervous Dr. Morrow enters the lab where Genocide has returned from it’s rampage. It holds out the stolen lasso to the stunned Morrow and orders him to make it a part of the creature…

Back on Themyscira Zeus orders Hermes to gather the others as he will need their combined strength. The Amazons, just like the Gods themselves, have been altered and do not remember their former existence. Summoning all his power he reaches out to the Amazons scattered across the planet, summoning them. In towns and cities everywhere woman suddenly awake from their enforced false lives and ascend towards their home land…

At the mall, Donna and Wonder girl touch down in a Javelin shuttle. Donna asks Cassie to promise that no matter what she finds inside they are not to cry. An annoyed Wonder Girl responds that it is their friend in there and Diana could be dead for all they know. Donna calmly replies that although they both wear the accoutrements of the sisterhood they are not the Princess of Themyscira. Donna and Cassie are allowed to be vulnerable and be who they are at all times. If Diana dies her burden falls to them. As such, they must show her respect in her fashion.

At last they reach the spot and see that Tom has finally managed to free Wonder Woman from her bondage. He cradles the battered and bruised Amazon Princess and asks them to fetch the purple healing ray at once. Donna and Cassie freeze wide eyed, unable to comprehend what they see before them. Donna crouches down and picks up Wonder Woman in her arms, saying that they must get Diana to Themyscira at once. Diana weakly says that the healing ray will do no good as Genocide was a god and the ray has no effect on wounds inflicted by such a being. Nevertheless, they all make their way quickly to the waiting Javelin shuttle, unwilling to simply do nothing.

At the HQ of the Secret Society, Barbara Minerva asks how the operation to implant the lasso in Genocide has gone. She is told it was a success and she enters the theatre where Genocide is lying on the table. She calmly tells the creature that it owes it’s life to them and that the Society now wants it to return the favour and destroy a certain location for them…

A short while later Genocide is tearing through the Department of Meta Human Affairs, killing everyone in its path. As the chaos continues outside his office, Sarge Steel is informed by one of his aides that he has called for the assistance of the Justice League and ordered an immediate evacuation of the facility. Sarge questions why anyone in the DOMA would call the Justice League – unless they were in league with the Amazons somehow. With that, the clearly deranged Steel shoots the aide in cold blood! He then activates the tannoy system and issues a directive that nobody is to retreat! Meanwhile Genocide continues to tear through the base, heading for the containment cells holding Dr. Psycho.

Suddenly Genocide is blasted by an energy blast from Green Lantern’s ring. Behind him follow Vixen, Firestorm, Red Tornado and Black Canary and they set to work trying to bring their foe down..

On board the Javelin Tom dresses Diana’s wounds and tells her that they juts received notification that the Justice League has engaged the creature and has it tied down at the DOMA. Wonder Woman weakly tries to get up and says that she has to help them as they don’t know what their dealing with. Tom tries to reassure her that they they have it under control but she explains that it has her lasso now and that all of them together may not be enough to defeat Genocide now.

As if to confirm her words, back at the scene of the battle Genocide takes Green Lantern by surprise and suddenly teleports, only to instantly appear behind him. It grabs Jon and coils the lasso that has been imbedded into its body around him. Green Lantern screams like he has never screamed before. A horrified Black Canary tells Vixen that she has never heard him utter such a scream before and Vixen warns her to snap out of it before they’re next! Meanwhile Genocide punches Firestorm, sending him flying before smashing it’s other fist through Red Tornado’s head!

On the Javelin Diana tells Tom that the creature will use the lasso to destroy her friends. She has never told them the true capabilities of her lasso and just how powerful a weapon it can be in the wrong hands. She then orders Donna to turn the craft around and head back to Washington DC…

At that moment on Themyscira, Hippolyta watches from the beach as the sky is filled with beams of light signifying the return of her beloved Amazon sisters. She hears Zeus approach and dismounting from her steed, kneels before him in respect. He tells her not to bow to a fool and that he has come to beg for her forgiveness. He continues to tell a puzzled Hippolyta that he has done ignoble things in the past and he wishes to remedy that. He wants to give her and the other Amazons a gift. 3000 years they have been faithful servants to the Gods when the Gods in turn have not. He has created an island and the people who dwell there will assume the Amazons’ duties, so that Hippolyta and the others can rest their burdens. Not as a punishment, but as a reward.

“And one more gift I give you, so that you all may have the warrior’s rest you deserve. I offer you all the peace of the grave Queen. It is my final gift to you.”