This issue sees the start of Simone’s “event” story line, during a time when both the two other members of the “Trinity” had had their own recent “event” issues. Simone had indicated that much of her run to date had been building up to this six part epic, in which Diana faces one of her most deadliest foes yet and also has to deal with the return of the Greek Gods. But the fight itself seems rather a damp squid after so much build up and lasts barely a few panels.

This was another writer’s attempt to create an “ultimate foe” for Wonder Woman – one that would rank up there with Bane for Batman and Doomsday for Superman – an opponent that actually could defeat, break and even kill the hero. But like others before, Genocide just seemed to be lost to the annals of time and never became part of her permanent rogues gallery.

This issue comes with a limited distribution alternative cover.