Gail Simone’s more “jokey”, tongue in cheek style can occasionally polarize fans’ opinions. Simone used a structure to her run of alternating between serious, high drama story lines and more light-hearted ones like this issue, which next month would be followed by the highly anticipated (and much hyped) “Rise of The Olympian” six part epic.
In the meantime in this particular issue, once again she uses the opportunity to examine the potential pitfalls of Hollywood attempting to make a “Wonder Woman” movie without truly understanding the character’s heritage, history and motives. Ironically this would become all too clear in real life when David E Kelley tried to bring Wonder Woman back to TV screens with his totally misjudged pilot show, which met with overwhelming negative reviews and derision in equal measure.

This issue closes on a more personal, thought provoking note as Diana explores her feelings towards having children for the first real time since a conversation with Inza in Dr. Fate #40.