Gail Simone continues her guided tour of the world of “Sword and Sorcery” and after introducing us to Beowulf in the previous issue, she adds Claw to the list! The story line gives new artist Aaron Lopresti the chance to depict Diana in numerous different versions of her famous costume.

We also discover that Alkyone from “The Circle” story line has managed to escape death from the jaws of the Megalodon – which can only spell trouble for Diana!
On a side note, Gail includes a little in-joke for fans, when in one scene where Sarge Steel is warning Tom Tresser the dangers of not keeping close tabs on Etta and Diana, he states “I need them surveilled. I need evidence, and right damn quick before we get Amazons Attack the sequel!” This of course is a not so thinly veiled reference to the “Amazons Attack” mini series, which was comprehensively panned by fans and non-fans alike as a misguided, badly written and pointless story.