Wonder Woman – Volume 3 – 16

Wonder Woman – Volume 3 – 16

General Info

Issue No:
16 (571)
On Sale Date:
January 2008
Cover Date:
March 2008
Modern Age
Story Title:
The Circle - Part Three: The Wellspring of all Vengeance

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Terry Dodson, Rachel Dodson
Gail Simone
Terry Dodson, Ron Randall
Rachel Dodson, Ron Randall
Rob Leigh
Alex Sinclair
Nachie Castro (Associate), Matt Idelson


Wonder Woman (Diana Prince), Sarge Steel, Etta Candy
Hippolyta, Alkyone, Myrto, Charis, Philomela
Tolifhar, Tabitha
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Gail Simone continues to develop her vision of Diana and the twist on her origin story. During interviews, Simone made it clear that she had asked the suits at DC Comics not to have Diana involved in any cross over events for at least a year. This was in order for the writer to truly crystalise her version of Wonder Woman and introduce some much needed stability and continuity after last year’s botched re-launch.
It was also announced that sadly the Dodsons would be leaving art duties after issue 17.



As Hippolyta prepares for her date with destiny her four bodyguards discuss what they should do. Alkyone fears that the introduction of a child to the island will cause disaster for the Amazons but secretly her motives are also driven by envy as she too has strong desires for a child of her own and secretly possesses a carved totem – even though she had been the one to order them banned on Themyscira.

The four Amazons agree that they cannot break their oath to protect the Queen’s life at any cost but decide that instead they can prevent a catastrophe by slaying the child itself.

As a storm breaks out over the island and the heavens open, Hippolyta creates history as she forms the figure of a child out of the clay beach and cradles it lovingly, pleading to the Gods to bring it life. After what seems like an eternity the Amazons of the island watch as their beloved Queen returns from the beach cradling a still form wrapped in swaddling. They fear the worst and assume that the baby is dead but a jubilant Hippolyta holds the child aloft and as it begins to cry the Amazons rejoice! Hippolyta thanks the Gods and names her child Diana after the goddess of the moon.

From the bushes however, unseen, Alkyone, Myrto, Charis and Philomela watch events unfold and prepare themselves to do what they believe is right for the future of the Amazons and their Queen…

End of Prologue

Alkyone, Myrto, Charis and Philomela have been released from their dungeons by the Nazis and are now chained and kneeling before the leader. His men continue to perform a reconnaissance of the city lead by a female sergeant named Tabitha and discover the incredible library. The leader immediately orders it to be destroyed, much to the dismay of Tabitha who is in awe at the incredible wealth of knowledge contained within. But he is insistent!

he then turns his attention back to the four Amazons and holds his gun against Alkyone’s head, demanding she tells him how to hunt down Hippolyta. Alkyone however remains completely unfazed. Just then a couple of wounded storm troopers arrive and explain how the Amazon Queen had ambushed them and cut their comrades down. The Queen had warned them to leave the Island and had added one more ominous statement: “My daughter will come for me”.

The leader rages that it is impossible for Wonder Woman or any of the other Amazons to set foot on the island. Tabitha suddenly then advises that they are getting radio silence from several of their squads dotted around the island. And…a sea vessel has been spotted approaching Themyscira. “It appears to be…um…they said it’s a woman in a giant sea shell!” she murmurs.

The leader gulps, realising that they are about to face not just Hippolyta but also Diana too. He immediately orders all storm troopers to the north shore to bring down Wonder Woman and her mother with brute force and sheer weight of numbers. “We will never know peace until their bones rot on this God-cursed sand!” he declares.

Soon the forces are gathered and await Wonder Woman’s arrival. She sees their numbers on the shoreline ahead of her and steels herself for the coming conflict. As she approaches the beach she times her land fall just as the sun rises behind her, blinding her opponents. She disembarks from the vessel and wades towards the shore. “I’ll ask you out of courtesy. But only once. Surrender.” she says calmly. Tabitha replies that Wonder Woman cannot be serious as she and her men are all at her strength level and are an armed multitude. “We could kill you where you stand Princess” she snarls.

Wonder Woman smiles back “Quite possibly. There are a good many more of you of course…it’s only possible that my friends might object!”. With that Tolifhar and his apes leap from their hiding place on the vessel and charge towards the shoreline lead by Diana. As the Nazis open fire Wonder Woman leads her comrades into the heart of the enemy. As she fights, she reflects on the cries of the wounded who face the cost of their aggression and heedless hatred at last…

Meanwhile back at the Department of Meta Human Affairs Sarge Steel passes Etta in the corridor. He sarcastically remarks how it is unusual for Diana Prince to be off work and that it must be the flu bug that is going around. Etta agrees and realising what he is implying suddenly makes her own excuses that she is not feeling too well and exits the building…

Back on Themyscira Tolifhar asks how she thinks they are faring in the battle. She replies “Not quite well enough” and he admires her optimism as the hordes of Nazi storm troopers just keep coming at them. Tolifhar suddenly spies a Golden Eagle in the sky and asks if it is waiting for them to die. Diana looks down at the eagle emblem on her costume breast plate and replies that on the contrary, it wants them to live!

She quickly decides on a change in strategy and orders Tolifhar and he apes to retreat into the jungle and make the Nazis come to them. Meanwhile she effortlessly leaps over the storm troopers and heads inland to find her mother…

Back in Washington DC Etta arrives at Diana’s apartment and carefully picks the lock. Drawing her weapon she creeps inside, only to find someone else is already waiting for Diana who is also not supposed to be there…

On Themyscira rain begins to fall as a storm gathers and Alkyone tells her sisters that it is an ill portent for their queen. “These are Athena’s tears” she whispers. Suddenly a storm trooper runs over to the leader and cries out that they have found Hippolyta. He explains that the Amazon Queen had attacked them riding a winged horse and they had opened fire on her with everything they had. “I saw the body!” he declares with pride. Alkyone scowls…

Elsewhere two storm troopers on patrol hear the news over their radios that Hippolyta has been killed and that Wonder Woman and her ape army have retreated. One of the storm troopers says that for a while he thought their “New Fatherland” was going to end because of “two broads and some zoo escapees”. He continues to speak, not realising that his comrade has just been felled by an unseen Wonder Woman, adding how he is almost sorry he will not get a chance to see “Princess hard body” and have her tie him to enact some bondage fantasies with her.

Suddenly he is hit from behind by Wonder Woman and finds himself pinned against a tree. She holds the golden lasso in front of his face and seethes “I’m here wretch. I have what you wanted. Look at it. See the truth of everything you are. I ask you murderer!” Terrified, he begs her not to use it on him as she asks him “Where…is…my…MOTHER!”.

Back at the palace Alkyone, Myrto, Charis and Philomela and have exploded into action and use their chains to strangle their captors to death, enraged that these “dogs” have harmed the queen. Alkyone blames Diana who should have protected Hippolyta in their stead and she vows that the Amazon Princess must pay for her crimes. “Find our weapons. Do your duty. Kill the aberration!” she cries.

Elsewhere on the island Wonder Woman heads to where the storm trooper had said her mother had been seen falling to the ground. She sees a feather on the floor and recognises it as belonging to the wings of her mother’s mount. Just then she sees the horse lying on the ground and her mother staggering away from the corpse. She cries out and Hippolyta weakly replies “I…I am pierced daughter…” before collapsing to the ground.

A frantic Wonder Woman rushes over and cradles her mother, who bleeds from several wounds murmuring “My Queen…my queen…”