Superman and Batman vs Vampires and Werewolves – 1

Superman and Batman vs Vampires and Werewolves – 1

General Info

Issue No:
On Sale Date:
October 2008
Cover Date:
Early December 2008
Modern Age
Story Title:
Seize the Night!

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Tom Mandrake
Kevin VanHook
Tom Mandrake
Tom McNamara
Steve Wands
Nathan Eyring
Michael Siglain, Harvey Richards (assistant)


Batman (Bruce Wayne)
Wonder Woman (Princess Diana)
Marius Dimeter (Vampire), Herbert Combs (Werewolf)
Alfred Pennyworth, Robin Baskin, Sandy Leonard
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At night in Gotham City, a dead man is hurled from a rooftop; his body partially eaten by his attacker. From a distance, a creature can be seen on the rooftop, but is gone immediately. Batman arrives in the alley to investigate, and questions one Marius Dimeter, who is on the scene. Marius is clearly not the “simple tourist” he claims to be; and Batman is quite suspicious. When Batman attempts to detain Dimeter for police questioning, Dimeter reveals to have occult powers by “melting” into the wall and vanishing.

Elsewhere, a young woman has been working late at the office and walks tentatively in the dimly lit parking lot towards her car. However, a gruesome-looking vampire strikes suddenly as she is attempting to climb into her vehicle and sinks his fangs into her neck and drawing blood. Wonder Woman arrives to confront the monster, who is tantalized at the prospect of drinking her blood as well. Wonder Woman’s response is swift and aggressive; but somehow the vampire is amazingly able to draw some blood from her wrist despite the protection of her indestructible bracelet. Wonder Woman quickly retaliates; subduing the beast and wrapping him in her golden lasso, to use its magic powers and reveal the truth. When it is revealed that this is a man who was once fully human, and is now instead a hideous vampire, Wonder Woman is incredulous.

In the Batcave, Batman is examining the body of the man thrown from the roof. When Alfred Pennyworth arrives to offer Batman a meal he has prepared, Batman fills him in on the details of his ongoing investigation.

Later that night, in Gotham Park, Marius Dimeter confronts a werewolf who he clearly knows. They engage in a dialogue about whether it was wise to allow Batman to become involved in their affairs. They mention a “professor” who they are looking for.

Batman, following the trail from where he last saw the creature on the rooftop, confronts Doctor Herbert Combs, a man who claims his innocence, but clearly knows more than he is letting on. After Batman leaves, Combs goes downstairs to his office basement, and it is discover what he is hiding: a roomful of ghoulish creatures, many of them attached to IVs. The doctor exclaims that soon it will be too late for Batman to intervene.


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