This issue is a companion issue to “Amazons Attack!” #2.

Jodi Picoult continues to do a much better job than Allan Heinberg managed at analysing just who Wonder Woman has become. Who is the real Diana? The Amazon warrior? The Princess? The heroine? Picoult does this cleverly using Circe as her “mouthpiece”. Through the words of the witch as she battles Diana, Picoult manages to make observations as to just how different to her Amazon sisters Wonder Woman has become and where her true loyalties now lay. Of course the novelist only had one more issue to write before finishing her run, meaning that a new writer would be taking over writing responsibilities right in the middle of the “Amazons Attack!” story line – which would still have three more issues to run. Would this mean yet another writer’s take on the Amazing Amazon resulting in her acting and talking out of character from the preceding issues?

By now it had already been announced who the next long term writer on the book would be – a name many fans had often discussed as being the perfect choice for writing a strong female character like Diana. DC Comics in their wisdom had perhaps learned from the debacle that was Allan Heinberg and had chosen instead another female writer – this time none other than “Birds of Prey” regular Gail Simone. However, she would not be starting her run until issue 13 and so in the interim J. Torres would be handling writing chores.