In this issue we continue to see Picoult further develop the “love hate” sexual chemistry between Wonder Woman and Tom Tresser, as well as expanding upon the issues that Diana has been wrestling with since her slaying of Maxwell Lord. In particular, there is an insightful exchange between the Amazon and Circe about what it means to be human and what constitutes right and wrong.

In the world of comics it is true to say that nobody that dies is ever truly dead. Over the course of history characters who have been thought long gone and never to return find ways to literally come back from the dead.

After the debacle of the “Our Worlds At War” crossover event that saw Hippolyta give her life to save Athens, fans had always bemoaned how the Queen’s death had been totally unnecessary, simply done to add some shock value to what turned out to be an otherwise misguided and clumsy story line. They also saw this as another example of DC’s contempt for Diana and her history, asking why it was that Superman’s parents managed to survive the conflagration and yet Diana had to lose her mother?

Since then there had always been rumours and rumblings of her possible return and so it was perhaps inevitable that the valiant Queen would finally make her triumphant return. However, the circumstances of her return perhaps implied that it might not be a permanent reappearance, seemingly contrived only to facilitate the “Amazons Attack” crossover story that begins in the same month.

However, DC’s long term plans for Hippolyta would be revealed in the fullness of time…