In order to try and get the book’s publishing schedule back on track and to “catch up” on some of the lost months, DC published two issues during the month of April (cover month of “May”). As previously stated, Heinberg was simply unable to meet his submission deadlines due to his more pressing script writing duties on the TV show “Grey’s Anatomy”. So, instead of the planned final instalment of his 5 part “Who is Wonder Woman?” story line, DC requested Will Pfeifer to provide a fill in story for issue five. That said, the story actually finishes on a cliff hanger ending and so suggested that the story would be picked up again sometime later after Jodi Picoult’s run.
As a stand alone story however, it is well written and is a very female oriented issue even though written by a man, with little action. Although the subject of wife beating has been touched upon before in the pages of Wonder Woman, this issue nicely shows the inspirational role Diana has on women, even if from a distance.