Wonder Woman – Volume 3 – 12

Wonder Woman – Volume 3 – 12

General Info

Issue No:
12 (567)
On Sale Date:
August 2007
Cover Date:
October 2007
Modern Age
Story Title:
Hubris - Part Two

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Terry Dodson, Rachel Dodson
Joseph Torres
Paco Diaz
Vicente Cifuentes
Rob Leigh
Peter Pantazis
Nachie Castro (Associate), Matt Idelson


Wonder Woman (Diana Prince), Tom Tresser (Nemesis), Sarge Steel
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This issue follows on from the aftermath of “Amazons Attack!” #6 but is better considered simply a “fill-in” issue, particularly as Diana takes a back seat to Tom Tresser who is the main character in this tale.

Meanwhile fans waited eagerly for Gail Simone to commence her tenure on the book. But they would have to wait a little longer as before then, Alan Heinberg would finally get the chance to finish his launch story, “Who is Wonder Woman?”, as part of a special “Wonder Woman Annual” – almost nine months later!!


At the Department of Meta Human Affairs, agent Diana Prince investigates a lingering, troublesome detail from the recent war. Standing at a monitor console she discusses with another operative the whereabouts of Everyman and his captive, Sarge Steel. She is told how the changeling had posed as Sarge Steel and ordered a detail of guards to keep people away from the closet he had imprisoned the real Sarge in. Everyman had then snuck back here to take his captive elsewhere while the rest of them had been pre-occupied trying to deal with the Amazons and the launch of the nuclear missile. The question is where is Everyman now?

Elsewhere in the medical centre, a doctor sees his patient, Tom Tresser, dressing into his uniform and asks him where he thinks he is going. Tom replies that he is retuning to work and although he would like to thank the doctor for his care, he reminds him that it was in fact Wonder Woman who had saved him from poisonous death by administering the Stygian Killer Hornet Sting anti-dote. The doctor protests and says that he wants Tom to remain for at least another forty eight hours for observation, but the agent is not in mood for arguing and punching the doctor’s shoulder, he sends him to sleep before adopting the doctors identity and exiting the complex…

Back in the control room Diana ponders the situation. They do not even know if Sarge Steel is still alive, let alone his whereabouts. Suddenly she hears a cry from one of the other agents and rushes over to their monitor console, which shows an image of Circe smiling back at them, sitting on a throne at the Themysciran Museum. As the agents ponder how the witch had managed to return after she so mysteriously vanished, Diana realises she is waiting for Wonder Woman…

Shortly afterwards Diana, now in costume, touches down outside the deserted museum, preparing to take Circe’s bait. But before she can step inside she hears Tom call after her and turns to see the agent running over. She tells him that he is supposed to be recuperating but he says that he feels fine and indicates that they should go inside to confront Circe. Wonder Woman responds that perhaps she should handle this situation and he shakes his head before waving his hand and indicating “ladies first”. She insist it is not a good idea to endanger himself but he seems determined and promises to make a run for it at the first sign of bees!

Reluctantly, Wonder Woman steps cautiously inside and realising Tom has not followed her turns to see what is keeping him. But to her horror she sees that Tom is in fact Everyman and having lured the Amazon Princess into his trap he activates the C4 explosive he has planted in the museum and dives for cover as the building erupts into a fireball.

As he makes a run for it away from the burning ruins of the museum he suddenly finds Circe standing in front of him! He snarls at her that she had betrayed him and asks where she has been hiding? She replies that she will explain later but right now they have to retrieve Sarge Steel. Puzzled, he cautiously asks “Why? Are we initiating Plan B?” and she nods. But Everyman knows there is no such thing as a “Plan B” and realises he is being conned. He changes his arms into Cheetah claws and lashes at at Circe, who dodges his attack and smiling, transforms into his real identity – Nemesis!

Tom proceeds to punch Everyman and the changeling decides to make good his escape. He changes into the Silver Swan and launches into the air, but not before Tom grabs his feet. As they soar up into the sky over Washington, Everyman changes again into a Gorilla and they both tumble into the water below. Everyman changes again into a mermaid and swims to the bank, heading towards the cemetery. Tom clambers out on the other side and using an abandoned motorcycle lying in the road, he zooms over the bridge to the cemetery.

He sees Everyman, now back in his usual form, and tackles him to the ground. Pulling out a gun he orders the changeling to reveal the location of Sarge Steel. Everyman laughs back at him and as Tom presses the gun against his head, warning that he will shoot, he indicates the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in front of them. Tom realises that he must have buried Sarge underneath and tries to shove aside the huge granite memorial. A smiling Everyman offers to lend a head and Tom quickly trains the gun back on him. But he sees that Everyman is now holding a detonator in his hand and he informs Tom that he has rigger the tomb with more C4 explosive- enough to send all of them back to hell!

But before he can press the trigger a golden tiara whizzes through the air and knocks the detonator from his hand. Before Everyman can make a run for it he finds himself bound by the golden lasso as Wonder Woman informs him that it is over. Diana then asks Tom where Sarge is being held and he indicates the tomb. The Amazon Princess effortlessly lifts the granite tomb to reveal a dazed Sarge Steel looking up at them from a hidden chamber.

Some time later, with Everyman held in a secure cell and repairs to the shattered City of Washington D.C. progressing, Sarge Steel addresses his staff. He tells them that the HG should be fully operational again in twenty four hours although there still some traces of residual magic to be flushed out of their IT systems. He therefore warns them all to keep alert and look out for anything Circe may have left behind – intentionally or not.

As the briefing finishes and they step out into the corridor, agent Diana Prince takes Tom to one aide to quietly discuss how they are going to deal with the fact that he knows who she really is. She asks him as a professional to keep the “Wonder Woman” thing to himself. Bemused, he admits to having a bit of a crush on Wonder Woman but that the Amazon Princess is the one who is obviously sweet on him. As he promises to not let it get in the way of their relationship, Diana realises that he no longer remembers that she is Wonder Woman! Her secret identity is safe once more!