This issue like the others before it is a companion issue to “Amazons Attack!” #4 and its continuity once again is effectively entwined with the other.

After the dramatic finale of the previous issue, with mother confronting daughter and Diana forcing Hippolyta to chose either victory over Man’s World or having to murder her own child, the resolution is somewhat of an anti-climax. It almost feels like the creative team had written themselves into a situation they did not know how to resolve and so they took the easy way out.

Whether this had been Jodi Picoult’s intention all along or whether this was simply how new fill-in writer J. Torres decided to approach things I am unsure. The change in writing style is certainly noticeable as we get a more superficial take on Diana and do not really get to learn more about her inner conflict – which is something Picoult had been successfully exploring in her short run on the book. However, the requirement to incorporate the “Amazons Attack” crossover I feel seriously tied the novelist’s hands and perhaps prevented Picoult from really achieving her intended aim. That said of course, she had in her five issue run achieved far more depth and had got into Diana’s head to show us “how she ticks” far more successfully than Heinberg’s ill fated launch story “Who is Wonder Woman?”.

With this issue, Joseph Torres avoids the “soul searching” elements of the run up until now and instead simply focuses on the main story line, as Diana tries to save Themyscira from being obliterated by a nuclear missile. Diana is to a degree almost a guest star in her own book, as Torres covers several other characters and events involved in the overall “Amazons Attack!” story arc too.

soon afterwards. However, they do have time to provide the issue with a striking semi-coloured cover featuring a fierce Wonder Woman advancing, sword at the ready.