This issue is a companion issue to “Amazons Attack!” #3 and as per previous issues, its continuity is effectively entwined with the other.

We finally reach the confrontation that has been inevitably building between mother and daughter, as Diana is left with no choice but to battle Hippolyta. The conversation between mother and daughter is well written by Picoult. I personally find that it manages well to tie the soul searching that the slaying of Max Lord has caused Wonder Woman together with her journey over the past few issues to find herself and what she has become since her first arrival in Man’s World.

A mortally wounded Tom Tresser also reveals in this issue that he had worked out that her secret identity was agent Diana Prince. Seems like Diana wasn’t as good at keeping her identity a secret for very long unlike the old pros Batman and Superman eh?

This issue has interior art by Paco Diaz who although does a very nice job is just not quite as consistently impressive in every panel as the Dodsons, who return to interior artwork duties very soon afterwards. However, they do have time to provide the issue with a striking semi-coloured cover featuring a fierce Wonder Woman advancing, sword at the ready.