Manhunter – Volume 3 – 30

Manhunter – Volume 3 – 30

General Info

Issue No:
On Sale Date:
April 2007
Cover Date:
June 2007
Modern Age
Story Title:
Unleashed - Conclusion: Hail and Farewell

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Jesus Saiz
Marc Andreyko
Javier Pina, Diego Olmos, Cafu
Robin Riggs, Art Thibert
Travis Lanham
Jason Wright
Joan Hilty, Rachel Gluckstern (associate)


Manhunter (Katherine Spencer)
Wonder Woman (Princess Diana), Obsidian (Todd Rice)
Everyman (Hannibal Bates), Doctor Trapp (Lawrence Trapp), Circe
Dylan Battles, Cameron Chase, Mark Shaw, Damon Matthews, Ramsey Spencer, Michael Johnson, Terry Chase, Jimmy, Josefina
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This story followed on from events in the ‘Sacrifice’ story line, where Wonder Woman killed Maxwell Lord in cold blood.


In Gotham, the DEO arrives on the scene to clean up the crime scene at the wax museum. They haven’t been able to recover the Trapp robot because the firefighters are still putting out fires that Trapp and Dylan caused when they were fighting. Terry asks Cameron where the real Trapp might have been if he was controlling the robot remotely. Cameron suspects the real Trapp might have been the grumpy curator that she met when she entered the museum. As for Dylan, he goes to thank his contact Jimmy who supplied him with the Firefly suit. Dylan thanks Jimmy for his help but warns him to keep his mouth shut that Dylan is in the witness protection program. Jimmy promises but when Dylan leaves, Jimmy makes a call to the Joker. The Joker has been waiting for a chance to get back at Dylan when he went by his actual name Richie.

After Diana heard the verdict of “not guilty” from the jury foreman, Kate asked Diana if she would be willing to come to her apartment to meet Ramsey. Kate and Diana are taken by surprise when Ramsey throws a congratulations party for his mother’s victory in court. Damon, Todd, Cameron and Dylan admit they put together everything but Ramsey was the party coordinator. Ramsey was in awe of meeting Wonder Woman but Kate asks her maid Josefina to tuck Ramsey into bed after the party. Kate is still trying to figure out how Everyman managed to fool Diana’s Lasso of Truth. Diana suspects that Everyman may have acquired an Empathy Enchantment from Circe. Circe is the only known foe of Diana’s that has never fallen under the Lasso’s sway. Diana thanks Kate for everything she has done and heads out.

The next day, Kate and Cameron hear about a bombing at a Women’s Health Clinic in the Haight-Ashbury district. According to eye witnesses, they recalled a hooded figure that was singing a ghastly melody when he entered the clinic and when he exited. Cameron suspects that the Sweeney Todd killer may have inspired a “copycat” because the medical examiners have determined that some of the women who were killed in the blast were metahumans.