Manhunter – Volume 3 – 29

Manhunter – Volume 3 – 29

General Info

Issue No:
On Sale Date:
March 2007
Cover Date:
May 2007
Modern Age
Story Title:
Unleashed - Part Four: Proof

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Sean Phillips
Marc Andreyko
Javier Pina, Brad Walker, Fernando Blanco
Robin Riggs, Fernando Blanco
Travis Lanham
Jason Wright
Joan Hilty, Rachel Gluckstern (associate)


Manhunter (Katherine Spencer)
Wonder Woman (Princess Diana), Superman (Clark Kent/Kal El)
Everyman (Hannibal Bates), Doctor Trapp (Lawrence Trapp)
Dylan Battles, Cameron Chase, Mark Shaw, Michael Johnson, Terry Chase, Jimmy
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This story followed on from events in the ‘Sacrifice’ story line, where Wonder Woman killed Maxwell Lord in cold blood.


After viewing the classified footage from Sasha, Kate asks Diana if she would be willing to admit to the court that she actually killed Maxwell Lord in order to save the world from a rogue Superman who was under Lord’s control. Diana refuses to testify this in court because she doesn’t want to damage Superman’s reputation or have him suffer public scrutiny. Kate tells Diana that she understands but in reality, Kate has no other choice but to have Superman testify in order to ensure an easy victory. Kate calls Lois Lane at the Daily Planet to arrange a meeting. Superman accompanies Kate to the courthouse where they meet up with Judge Alexander and Prosecutor Johnson. Superman wants to testify before the jury is excused for deliberation.

Superman testifies that Maxwell Lord was causing him to hallucinate. Lord had Superman believe that his greatest enemies had killed Lois Lane. When Superman was strangling what he thought was Doomsday, he was actually choking the life out of Batman. Diana made the choice to kill Lord in order to free Superman and save Batman. Judge Alexander takes Superman’s testimony into consideration. Kate then gets a call from Batman. He has the results on Ted’s blood sample.

Kate asks Ted to meet her at her office. Kate goes over Batman’s findings with Ted and exclaims that Batman ran Ted’s DNA with any active shape shifters who were still at large. Ted realizes his cover has blown and exposes his true self as Everyman. Kate tasers Everyman with her bo staff and he falls right out of her office window. Everyman escapes by turning into bird and flies off. Kate runs to the rooftop to shoot Everyman but he is nowhere to be seen. Kate then gets a call from Damon. Damon says the jury has returned with a verdict.

Meanwhile in Gotham, Cameron wakes up and realizes that she and her sister are hanging over a vat of molten wax. Dr. Trapp was about dip both girls into the vat until Dylan busts into the museum with a Firefly costume that he acquired from his contact in Gotham. At one point, Trapp gets the upper hand and is about to sink his teeth into Dylan’s neck but then Dylan uses a flame throwing gauntlet from his hand to burn Trapp’s face. Trapp falls into the vat of molten wax. Dylan frees the girls but Trapp pops out of the vat. Cameron repeatedly beats Trapp’s skull in with a lead pipe. Cameron then realizes Trapp is actually a robot.

In Tibet, after experiencing the entire history of St. Dumas, Shaw falls into a deep sleep. When he awakens, Shaw discovers that he is back in his room at Dylan’s home. Shaw almost believes his entire journey was one big dream until he hits the lights in his room and discovers an Azrael body armored suit on his chair. Shaw starts to hear a voice that says he is meant to be the Order’s next champion. Shaw blocks out the voice, throws the Azrael suit into his closet and goes for a shower.

As he tries to relax in the shower, Shaw comes under attack by a knight of St. Dumas. The knight tells Shaw that the Order will not be denied. Shaw replies to the knight that if the Order doesn’t leave him alone then he will return to Tibet and he will wipe them all out. The knight ignores Shaw’s statement and lunges at him. Shaw subdues the knight and pins him to floor. Shaw looks to his side and sees the knight’s sword on the floor. Shaw grabs the sword and turns back to plunge the blade into the knight’s skull but the knight has vanished. Shaw thinks he got his point across to the Order.