Manhunter – Volume 3 – 28

Manhunter – Volume 3 – 28

General Info

Issue No:
On Sale Date:
February 2007
Cover Date:
April 2007
Modern Age
Story Title:
Unleashed - Part Three: Blue By You

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Kevin Nowlan
Marc Andreyko
Javier Pina, Brad Walker
Robin Riggs
Travis Lanham
Jason Wright
Joan Hilty, Rachel Gluckstern (associate)


Manhunter (Katherine Spencer)
Wonder Woman (Princess Diana), Batman (Bruce Wayne)
Blue Beetle (Everyman/Hannibal Bates), Doctor Trapp (Lawrence Trapp) Sacred Order of St. Dumas, Madmen
Dylan Battles, Cameron Chase, Mark Shaw, Michael Johnson, Terry Chase, Sasha Bordeaux
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This story followed on from events in the ‘Sacrifice’ story line, where Wonder Woman killed Maxwell Lord in cold blood.


The three of them escape the paparazzi and reporters by boarding Ted’s flying beetle craft. Diana confronts Ted because she feels skeptical that Kord’s death was exaggerated. All of a sudden the ship comes under attack by the Madmen. The trio managed to escape by using parachutes and crashing the Beetle ship into a nearby mountainside. Diana suspects that the Madmen’s abrupt appearance must be the work of magic because there were no other flying crafts nearby.

Diana explains to this supposed Ted Kord that his sudden resurrection could be damaging to her case like her justification for killing Maxwell Lord. Diana uses her lasso and Blue Beetle answers truthfully to all of her questions. Batman arrives and takes a blood sample from Ted since he doesn’t trust reliability of magic like Diana’s lasso. Kate heads back to her apartment and is taken by surprise when she finds Sasha Bordeaux waiting for her. Sasha explains to Kate that the prosecutor’s visual exhibit of Diana killing Maxwell is doctored. The actual footage showed Maxwell goading Wonder Woman into killing him because he won’t free Superman from his thrall.

Meanwhile in Gotham, Trapp texts Cameron to go to Depeyster Street where the Justice Experience Wax Museum is located. Dylan waits for Cameron in a van nearby while Cameron enters the museum and is rudely greeted by the museum’s curator. Cameron tells the curator that she is Acrobat’s daughter and wants to take a look around. The curator leaves and Cameron makes her way to the exhibits and finds Terry. Cameron frees Terry but she is taken by surprise by Trapp who appears from the shadows. Dylan hears Cameron’s cries for help and heads to the museum but the doors are automatically shut as well as electrified. As for Shaw, the Order treat Shaw to a feast and ask him to drink a few pills that will reveal the source behind his visions. Shaw observes as the history of the Order transpires within his mind. The Knights of St. Dumas splintered from the Knight Templar. They raged their own righteous war during the Crusades When the Crusades ended, the Order withdrew from society with their accumulated wealth in order to avoid the corruption modernity. Throughout history, agents of the Order were hidden in the highest levels of society’s infrastructure.

When metahumans became more abundant in the new era, the Order took a more proactive direction by creating their champion that could combat metahumans. Their first candidate was Stephen Forrest Lee. Overtime, Lee became unhinged and was deemed a failure. The Order decided to genetically engineer their champion and Jean-Paul Valley upheld the ideals of the Order. Unfortunately, Jean-Paul Valley died at the hands of his enemies. The Order was observing Shaw’s movements when he was overtaken by his Dumas personality and killing his Manhunter predecessors. They were impressed by his tenacity to overcome the demons that his government implanted in his mind. The Order has chosen Mark Shaw to be their next champion even though his bloodline has no correlation with theirs.