Justice League of America – Volume 2 – 8

Justice League of America – Volume 2 – 8

General Info

Issue No:
On Sale Date:
April 2007
Cover Date:
June 2007
Modern Age
Story Title:
The Lightning Saga - Chapter One: Lightning Lad

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Michael Turner
Brad Meltzer
Shane Davis
Matt Banning
Rob Leigh
Alex Sinclair
Eddie Berganza
Adam Schlagman (Assistant)


Wonder Woman (Princess Diana), Batman (Bruce Wayne), Superman (Clark Kent, Kal-El), Black Canary (Dinah Lance), Black Lightning (Jefferson Michael Pierce), Geo-Force (Brion Markov), Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), Hawkgirl (Kendra Saunders), Red Arrow (Roy Harper), Red Tornado (John Smith), Vixen (Mari McCabe)
Wildcat (Ted Grant), Mr. Terrific (Michael Holt), Power Girl (Kara Zor-L), Starman (Thom Kallor), Wildcat (Tommy Bronson), Stargirl (Courtney Whitmore), Sandman (Sandy Hawkins), Flash (Jay Garrick), Doctor Mid-Nite (Pieter Cross), Hawkman (Carter Hall), Damage (Grant Emerson), Hourman (Rick Tyler), Liberty Belle (Jesse Chambers), Green Lantern (Alan Scott), Cyclone (Maxine Hunkel)
Time Stealers
Dolores Winters, Karate Kid (Trident), Val Armorr
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On the Justice League Satellite, members of the Justice League and Justice Society play a game of capture the flag. Hawkgirl taunts Red Arrow, inciting him to make a “stupid unorganised dash” for the flag. Roy’s chances are severely hampered by the intrusion of Red Tornado.

Meanwhile, Mister Terrific challenges Black Canary and Hal Jordan to a simultaneous game of Chess using two different boards. Terrific handicaps himself by playing both games while blindfolded. Batman casually remarks that Terrific is simply having his opponents play each other – he moves as “white” moves, and then as “black” does. Either way, the worst he can do is “draw”.

At the Batcave, Batman and Black Lightning analyse the Trident Guild agent lying before them. Tapping into the files from the Fortress of Solitude, Batman concludes that this agent is actually named Val Armorr, a young hero from the far-distant future who also goes by the name Karate Kid. Armorr awakens and in a disoriented, confused state, attacks Batman and Black Lightning. They eventually subdue him and Batman reports his findings to the JLA and JSA. Mister Terrific feels that their own resident “future-hero”, Starman, may be able to shed some light on the purpose behind Val Armorr’s presence. They bring Val to the Hall of Justice and Starman speaks to him in an alien language. Suddenly, Val falls over unconscious. They conclude that both Val and Starman belong to a team called the Legion of Super-Heroes. Further, they discover that five more time-lost Legionaires are somewhere on Earth. The JLA and the JSA decide to join forces to find the other five.

Meanwhile, in the year 1948, two mysterious individuals break into a secure hospital wing at Mount Sinai hospital. They go to the room of the ailing Delores Winters – a Silver Screen actress who once played host to the mind of the Ultra-Humanite.


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