As one of DC’s major crossovers during the Summer, “Amazons Attack!” had garnered poor reviews and had not sold well. During its run, many Wonder Woman fans wondered what the purpose of the story was, particularly as it had originally been intended to form part of the “Infinite Crisis” arc. Some even suggested that DC had almost felt obliged to somehow shoe-horn the story into the events of “Countdown” just to make use of Will Pfeifer’s story, which was gathering dust on the shelf. Others hated how the peace loving Amazons were being portrayed as baby killing murderers and that this was yet another example of DC’s misogyny and general contempt for the character of “Wonder Woman” and her Amazon heritage.

However, the negativity aimed at “Amazons Attack!” during its run was nothing compared to the outpouring of anger that fans unleashed once the final issue hit the shelves!

Wonder Woman fans are notorious for being very devout and highly protective over the way Diana is portrayed (myself included!). Already seething at DC after the debacle launch of the new book, they vented no end of fury on chat rooms and the like at the way the Amazons and their entire history and heritage are wiped from existence as their memories are taken away from them and they are left to walk the Earth as mere mortal women. On top of this came the revelation that Granny Goodness, a second rank villainess from Apokolips, had somehow defeated and Gods of Olympus, left Athena for dead and taken her place.

As some fans even want so far as to send letters to DC asking for Dan Dido’s head on a spike, Matt Idelson took the unusual move to respond on one of the online forums and to try and reassure Wonder Woman fans that the story was but one chapter in an over arching story line – and that DC had no intention of leaving the Amazon story “unfinished”.

Cooler heads realised that as part of the “Countdown” storyline and the forthcoming “Final Crisis” event to which it was leading up to, there were plenty of opportunities for both Hippolyta and her Amazon sisters to redeem themselves and regain their peace loving heritage again.

However, many fans had already run out of patience. They saw Gail Simone’s upcoming tenure on the “Wonder Woman” title as DC’s last chance to win the fan’s trust and demonstrate that they genuinely knew how to handle and treat this iconic female comic book character with the respect she deserved…